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Newsletter 2016
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 Check out these articles... We have moved to New Mexico... we'll be updating everything on the site soon!!!
Balloon Festival Coming up soon!!! Up, Up and Away!!!
Running around Albuquerque and living in Rio Rancho as we view Santa Fe from our house.
 Newspaper column:
[The Blackboard]: Mystical Journey [several installments] Currently Ongoing 2016
We'll be adding more new installments soon with great info as to self-discovery and life's experiences.

[Wellness Times Newspaper]: Lessons In Destiny [installments] more coming soon!
Since You Asked... [installments]

Infinity's Alright... as far as it goes!

Check This Out: Diana...We Hardly Knew Ya'

  Meditation & Art: "Consciousness"   by Derek Lamar
(see artwork by David Lehigh)

Important Consciousness Tribute:
"the hundredth monkey"  by Ken Keyes, Jr.

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Dr. Derek Lamar, quantum metaphysicist

...Derek Lamar has been actively involved in metaphysical research for over 45 years. Personal contact with a Fourth Way teacher has always been touted as something unusual: this includes his ability to see beneath the surface of superficial role playing. Intimidating to some, Derek still finds that it works to accelerate the necessary student/teacher relationship. He also finds that humor plays a vital role in learning. Humor in life and in truth, not jokes outside the "work", but within the "work" itself because, as he says: "Life is a joke and that's a very serious thing to discover."
Derek Lamar is a Living Fourth Way Master. This can be understood by those who wish they could have asked questions of other people involved in "The Work" who are no longer here. Having access to a living Fourth Way Master allows one to call on intuitive input even before they have developed their own filtering systems to properly deal with abstract information. This is not something mysterious or theatrical. It simply means that you will feel an ease at which access to spiritual knowledge and insight comes more quickly. This type of "Work" should be a joy and not a chore.

Dr. Derek Lamar in New Mexico

...Derek Lamar is beginning with counseling, lectures, classes, workshops and events. Keep in touch and get on the list.
We'll be doing some lectures and talks at the library in Rio Rancho and other libraries around Albuquerque. Love you all... can't wait to meet you. Our little Jack Russell, Taz, loves it here.... chasing lizards and rabbits... oh my..... but she has a great yard with a totally bricked in area so she is safe from the bigger cayotes and any weird critters on the landscape. Love it here... it is "The Land of Enchantment."
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