Metaphysical Bible Study Seminars
Presented by

Thomas Institute of Metaphysics in Los Angeles, California and then later at The Ontological Learning Center in Bakersfield, California and soon it will be presented by Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1. The Good News
(What Is The True Meaning of The Gospel at last!)
This lesson explains "The Kingdom of
Heaven: here & now" as it deals with the reality of Oneness and the potential benefits
in realizing this Truth.

2. Adam & Eve
(A Psychological Soap Opera)
The symbology of this story is explained, opening up psychological caverns and
spiritual crevices which have continued to go
on unnoticed. Man's sexuality is viewed in
light of this as well as our on-going struggle
for inner unity.

3. God Is The Root of All Money
(...All You Need Is A Little Change)
Everyone wants money but few people understand the principle behind getting it. Our desire isn't enough, we have to deal with our constructs about poverty as much as our fantasies about wealth.

4. What Jesus Said
(...and the hidden meaning revealed!)
Various Bible quotes of Jesus: some that are favorites, and others that are just plain confusing. The symbology and metaphysical revelations are to be examined as well as how idioms can play an important role in language.

Metaphysical Bible
Study Seminars

Semester One

The purpose for metaphysical bible classes is a multiple of reasons. In our Western culture there has been a tremendous amount of influence that the bible has had on our civilization, our culture, our behavior, activity, our mind, our spiritual understanding. This affects who we are individually
and collectively.

5. Let's Talk About Satan...
(Just For The Hell Of It!)
People either believe in a religious devil or they feel it's all foolishness. This class directs its attention to the Bible's symbolic expression of sin, evil, error, who's to blame, and how even Jesus denied the very existence of Satan's reality.

6. True Confessions
(How To Spell "Release")
Repentance and confession have been controversial annoyances among Truth seekers everywhere. The therapeutic values are discussed and biblical examples are examined in such a way as to show the therapy that has always been intended though misunderstood. This lesson should prove to be a "metanoia" in itself.
There is real spiritual Teaching available within the pages of the bible but one needs to understand how to break the code. This is the purpose of providing these classes. Not only are they interesting but on other levels the realization of what is actually meant by many of the stories and parables and sayings can sometimes alter the awareness of an individual and forever change their life. Also, the intelligence of one person who reads the bible does not dictate the intelligence of another. Some people can only understand things at a beginner's level while others will immediately leap to a Higher Understanding. Even Jesus said that it was given
to them, the disciples, the keys to understand the meaning.
Those keys are presented and discussed in these classes.

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7. Outlines For Axiomatic Revelation
(Lord's Prayer & 23rd Psalm)
There are hidden formulas in both of these prayers with parallel meanings. This principle, and how it is connected to the "I AM" of Yahweh and of Jesus (Yeshua), is dealt with as well.

8. Faith...
(You Must Be Kidding!)
Faith is more than blind belief: it is knowing. This class shows that it is possible to know
the non-dimensional plane within a
dimensional wold. The Bible says that we mustn't put our trust in appearances, but
rather in a reality that is often "beyond belief".

9. The Mystery of the Logos
(A Word From Our Sponsor)
In the beginning was the Word. This is a mystery that weaves in and out of both the
old and new testaments. Here we discover
what this meant, how it applies today,
and what affect it can have in your life for
future use.

10. The 10 Commandments
(Cecil B. DeMille Out-Takes)
The 10 Commandments are not "do's and don'ts". They are absolute laws based on a fundamental reality that goes unnoticed in a "modern age". Find out why you not only should honor them, but how it is impossible not to!

Metaphysical Bible Study Seminars
by Dr. Derek Lamar
10 Classes per semester - 2 Semesters: 20 Classes Total
(classes run approximately 2 hours including question and answer period at end of class)
Above are the first ten classes of semester one. The ten classes from semester two can be accessed below.
(Link for Semester Two Here)

Free Introductory Lecture: "The Metaphysical Bible"

Presented by Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute (A Fourth Way School)


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