Metaphysical Bible Study Seminars - Part II
Presented by

Thomas Institute of Metaphysics in Los Angeles, California and then later at The Ontological Learning Center in Bakersfield, California and soon it will be presented by Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1. Crucifixion & Resurrection
(If you meet the Easter Bunny on the road, kill him!)
Continue the search for Truth as stones are turned and rolled away.

2. God Is The Root of All Money Pt II (All You Need Is A Little Change)
Discover even more biblical answers to economic questions in light of higher thinking.

3. The Golden Rule
(...Something To Reflect On)
Do unto others because you are the "all" you see. Reflection: the tool of the gods.

4. Prayer Power
(How To Move Mountains)
Find out the Reality to prayer and how to make it work!

Metaphysical Bible Study Seminars

Semester One

Much of the bible conveys historical information as well as rules and laws for people to live by who understood their culture and society through the eyes of their leaders, the Priesthood. But in addition was much inspired documentation that reveals a
deep and significant spiritual understanding which still applies today. If that is something which interests you then you will find these classes invaluable.

5. What Jesus Said Pt II
(...and the hidden meaning revealed!)
Fresh approach to old standards.

6. True Discipleship
("Why is the burden light, but the path narrow?")
Why is the burden light but the path narrow? What is the "work"?

Basic concepts are dealt with in these classes: 1. Who you are spiritually. 2. What duality is.
3. Wealth and the ability to have what you want and need.
4. Insight into a spiritual master's Teaching. 5. The illusion of evil or error. 6. How to heal the mind and soul. 7. Quantum Theory and how it is revealed in the bible. 8. The real meaning of "faith".
9. Understanding the essence of spiritual consciousness. 10. The original concept of "Law" and the axioms it reveals. 11. Ascension of the mind, body and soul.
12. Uncovering the value within one's Self. 13. The Principle of "Out and Back". 14. The scientific applications of prayer. 15. Christ Consciousness. 16. Discovering your own path. 17. How healing is possible. 18. The mystery of the "I AM". 19. How error outpictures the world we live in. 20. How is Principle revealed in the bible and what is its connection to God?

7. Healing Power Understood
How to face disease and let it go. Reveal perfect health in your life.

(I did it Yahweh)
What is your True Reality? Who is that
Self hiding deep within you?

9. Is There Sin?
What is error and is there evil? Find out more than affirmations and denials.

10. God's Principle of Truth
(On Earth as it is in Heaven)
Miracles become True Reality to the one who reveals this to himself. The hidden principle of scientific thinking is explored.

These classes provide a journey which has become even more necessary since so many people do not are not directly affected by the teaching and reading of the bible. Now a generation or two, sometimes more, later, we are indirectly affected by the influence this teaching has had on our culture and our personal life; things we never even thought were connected. This study provides and opportunity to clear up age-old misconceptions and pull back the curtain on the real spiritual understanding available from past Masters who glimpse into the darkness and discovered themselves. Join us on our journey and see what you can discover as well.

Metaphysical Bible Study Seminars
original flyers from 1984
by Dr. Derek Lamar
10 Classes per semester - 2 Semesters: 20 Classes Total
(classes run approximately 2 hours including question and answer period at end of class)
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Free Introductory Lecture: "The Metaphysical Bible"

Presented by Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute (A Fourth Way School)


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