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The Underground Newspaper Days...
The Underground ~ Open City ~ The L. A. Image (circa 1967-1970)

Nov. 2003

  The Underground Newspaper w/ music

Dec. 2003

  Neil Cassady Meets Charles Bukowski w/ music

 Jan. 2004

  Chris Bunch Meets Charles Bukowski w/ music

Feb. 2004

  No February Issue

Mar. 2004

  Tommy Smothers Meets Phil Ochs

Apr. 2004

  Chris Bunch Meets Hakim Jamal

 May 2004

  Chris Bunch Meets Jim Morrison

Jun. 2004

  Charles Manson Meets Cassius Clay

Jul. 2004

  Sunset Strip Riot 1966 Special Installment (out of sequence)

Teen Screen Magazine Days...
On Hollywood Boulevard (circa 1970-1971)

Aug. 2004

 Hollywood Boulevard of the Stars


 Hollywood and Vine

Oct. 2004

 Hollywood Sidewalks Covered In Glass

Fourth Way School Days...
Gurdjieff Had A Student Who Had A Student (circa 1971-1978)

Nov. 2004

  From Hollywood Blvd. To Blue Jay Way

Dec. 2004

  Gurdjieff Meets Christine Jorgensen
Jan. 2005
 The Hall of Mirrors
Feb. 2005
  Peggy Lee Meets Brian Panella
Mar. 2005
 Translating Life Into Another Language
Apr. 2005
 The Nazis, The KGB, The FBI and The CIA
May 2005
  Beyond The Call Of Duty
Jun. 2005
  Suicide, Homicide, Genocide
Jul 2005
  A Conundrum of Condoms!
Aug. 2005
  Don't Spook The Locals!
Sep. 2005
  Eyes Wide Open             
Oct. 2005
  Eyes Filled With Tears
Nov. 2005
  Gay Meets Straight In a Fourth Way School
Dec. 2005
  Adult Children of an Alcoholic Teacher
Jan. 2006
  Cults and Their Followers
Feb. 2006
  Going Beyond The Teacher
Mar. 2006
  Picking Up The Pieces

Music & Design in Hollywood
From Pink's To Spago (circa 1978-1983)

Apr. 2006

  Derek Lamar Meets Johnny Forever

May 2006

 Where Do You Meet These People?

 Jun. 2006

  Rock The Cemetery

Jul. 2006

  Marcia Clark Meets Colonel Klink

Aug. 2006

  I've Never Lived With Such Madness

Sep. 2006

  I Don't Want To Be A Baseball Star

Metaphysics In Los Angeles
West Hollywood & St. Andrews Place (circa 1983-1986)

 Jul. 2011

  Of The Many Roles I Play

 Aug. 2011

  99 Miles From L.A.

Metaphysics In Bakersfield
Ontological Learning Center (circa 1986-1987)

 Sep. 2011

  Gurdjieff Meets Buck Owens

 Oct. 2011

  Doing The Work Gurdjieff Style In a Fourth Way School

 Nov. 2011

  Grand Opening of a Metaphysical School

 Dec. 2011

  An Ancient School In a Modern World

 Jan. 2012

  Firewalk of The Mind: The Sexuality of the Soul

 Feb. 2012

  The Student, The Pupil, The Chela

 Mar. 2012

  Metanoia: Change Your Mind, Change Your World
 Apr. 2012
  Quantum Leaps and Bounds
 May 2012
  Reflections of The World Around You
 June 2012
  The Secrets of The Universe 
 July 2014
  Connecting The Invisible Dots Pending
 Aug. 2014
  What's God Got To Do With It?   particles and waves
                  not sure yet what the cut-off point is here... we'll see. *s*

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The Teaching Goes Underground...
The Doctor's Office and Greenlawn Cemetary (circa 1988-1990)

Darkness in Downtown Denial...
The Art Department Meets The Streets (circa 1991-1994)

Metaphysics Goes On-line...
Bakersfield, Hawaii and the World (circa 1994-1999)

Life Gets Personal...
The Esoteric Side To Health Care (circa 2000 - 2005)

Quantum Metaphysics Goes Nationwide
21st Century Mind Science is Available (circa 2005 - 2012)

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