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Lessons In Destiny
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


by Dr. Derek Lamar 
The first thing one must begin to acknowledge on a journey of this sort is that all you are ever dealing with is Consciousness. No matter what, it is your consciousness of something that you are being aware of, or not aware of. All that you know, all that you remember, whatever you have ever experienced or ever will experience, is in your consciousness.

What we are talking about here is “Mind”. We are so conditioned by the appearances of our outer world that physicality and substance, matter, solidity and physical sensations define what we think is real. But it is all happening within our mind. What the truth is about is something else we will get to. But first we must understand that even the most physical thing you have ever experienced is something that only your mind knows, or more precisely… believes.

The Mind and Consciousness is the final frontier. This is also the continuing path of the 21st century. Even though we are still shrugging off the remnants of the rather reptilian angst of interacting on this planet like apes with clubs beating each other senseless, we are being drawn into an arena of exploration within our consciousness where the lens of our reality gives a perspective that mirrors our own thinking, our perception, our belief system.
The one important thing to remember, when it comes to “destiny”, is that there is a spiritual energy forever pulsating, undulating, and pushing you toward something that you do not yet know. Unfortunately, there are other forces at work as well and much of that creates chaos for most people as they find themselves being pulled this way and that while they are seemingly sucked into a vortex of emotions and reactions, activities and compulsions which are rooted in mental configurations that may have been going on for millions of years.

A lot of this activity within our consciousness is what is called phylogenetic material. You could say that this is archetypal DNA of consciousness that is embedded within our collective unconscious in order that, as a species, we continue to survive. These survival dynamics are geared toward preserving life and the human species in what we called the material world but it often is a repetition of patterns that don’t always need to be functioning. An example of this would be when you are sitting in the car and your dad squirts the hose at you and as it hits the window you flinch and turn away even though you know consciously you are not going to get wet. A more complex and yet destructive habitual reaction to our environment is how, as a species, we collectively form alliances with each other in the market place of products and services, and fight to survive in our careers as if reality had anything to do with all of this activity.

All of our existence is rooted in information that represents millions of years of evolution, even though it is thought evolution. The fact that all of this is consciousness does change things a little bit; but not entirely. There is another important quotient in this mix that throws all of these fear survival dynamics into turmoil with themselves because of the madness that is wrought through the duality of this ongoing activity in the name of “life”. That simple and yet grand realization is the fact, the “Truth”, that there is but “One Mind” in operation of all that we know to be real. Not what we think is real, but what really is Real. “Reality” is not only Consciousness, but it all emanates from “One Mind” and this “Mind” is in perfect harmony with itself.

Just being aware that you have a destiny opens a conscious awareness that will accelerate this process. The more conscious you are of this journey, the easier your life will become. Most people walk through life asleep and as a result they will constantly run into resistance that often causes sadness and confusion and disappointment. You can experience the joy of having meaning to your existence as well as discover how to realize your dreams. In the process you will discover your Self.

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