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Lessons In Destiny
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)

Things Are Thoughts

by Dr. Derek Lamar

It is common in metaphysical circles to say that: “thoughts are things”. But it is important to understand that “things are thoughts”. This means, again, that the realm of matter
is a realm of consciousness.
Your everyday existence is all going on inside of thought. It is a mind reality. It is not unlike the popular film, The Matrix, except that in The Matrix, what was taking place as illusion within the thoughts of everyone, was still supported by a physical reality. It was necessary to be awakened to this amazing illusion, which, remember, was also created for survival purposes, but it had long since outlived its usefulness. Part of our collective destiny is to wake up and discover that we no longer need to be controlled by our subconscious phylogenetic impulses based on a false reality. Instead, we can stand up and walk in the world of Consciousness.

It isn’t so much “mind over matter” as it is the breaking of the bonds that ideas have on us. We believe so strongly that matter is the reality we live in and that everything depends on all of those aphorisms of human existence that keep us alive and warm and fed and healthy and secure. Pretty soon we end up living in a world still functioning on these same concepts and formulae. Only now it has been adapted to our human existence that rewards us with longer life and supports us in efforts to maintain the man-state realm in perpetuity. All of this keeps us busy but how much of this points us in the direction of our destiny?   Nothing has changed because we still haven’t seen through the disguise of consciousness we have fooled ourselves into believing. As we reflect self-destructive elements that do not allow Spirit to flow in our lives, we increase a pressure upon ourselves collectively and find it is strangling us as well as stifling our creativity. We, as a planet, are suffocating in an atmosphere of less and less “Spirit”. At the same time, however, it is this energy expressed by this pressure that is causing more and more of us to seriously face the Reality of Consciousness.

Remember these words: “In back of time, space and change, there is a fundamental reality.” We must know that this Reality is not made up of time or space or change but rather it is Absolute Consciousness. We are not automatons wandering about in a wilderness of gadgets and widgets but rather we are the awakening of Mind to the knowing of our Self as Consciousness. In this sense we must know that despite the many roles we play in life or throughout our many lives, the reality of who and what we are is Consciousness which is not a result of any of these many roles that we have played.

But hearing or reading these words is not enough as we travel the road to discovering our “destiny”. It is a process of unfoldment that occurs by letting go of erroneous ideas and feelings creating an opening for the existing Reality. We covered up that Reality long ago by believing what seemed to be important and perfectly logical in order to survive.  As we let go and create a vacuum for Reality a window opens and we realize our True Self. As this “refiling” takes place we break the patterns based on human myths and fears and suddenly discover the freedom of Reality that heals our Being.

As we begin to discover the true thoughts about Reality, we begin to see that all thought has its roots in this Source and everything shares the heritage of this same Reality. Not only do we discover that everything we perceive as thought registers to this “Cosmic” nature but that we are the same as this Reality and we too are the “thought” from which all “things” emanate. This is not only where we understand that “thoughts are things” but also “things are thought”.  All of physical reality is made up of thoughts in consciousness. In this realization we can know that we are this thought, this Consciousness and in this Reality we become the Master of our Universe.

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© Copyright Derek Lamar 2007
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