Q.M.I. Presents
Lessons In Destiny
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


by Dr. Derek Lamar

In “new thought” circles it is often stated that “there are no absolutes” and that “reality is whatever you believe it to be”. Those are important breakthroughs for individuals who have come to realize concepts based on religious standards or archaic scientific dogma should no longer define reality. But to decry that “there are no absolutes” is to use an absolute as the vehicle by which you nullify the theory itself. The reality is that there are Absolutes. But one must begin to realize the nature of “Mind” and its attributes become the Reality by which we measure all that is. This is because everything is “Mind stuff”. It is all Consciousness.

This Reality I speak of is that template of Beingness that is in back of time, space and change. Once you realize that everything is thought you can know that if “thought is all there is” then an attribute of that absolute would be “Allness”. Now we have something we can attribute to Reality that can operate within the formulas of mind science. This Allness would also be understood as Infinity. Coming to this conclusion allows you to realize and know that everything in your life which falls short of “infinite” as its potential, is based on a false premise and is holding you back from your full potential. You are this “Mind stuff” and you are “Infinite” therefore poverty, lack, shortcomings, any sort of inadequacy, feelings of being unsatisfactory, etc., all are concepts which can be thrown away as factors by which you should measure your reality. There are Absolutes and you are Infinite.

This Allness that permeates reality as the hidden dynamic of our true identity can also be understood in its expression as Oneness. What we have come to know and understand as the concept of God has been misunderstood and created a state of duality through which we live and breath in a fog of consciousness. But when the fullness of the “God” concept is understood, whether you call it Consciousness, Beingness, Infinite Mind, Spirit, Life, Truth, etc., you will experience Life rather than existence.

The Oneness of this Reality is always in effect even though we do not appear to respond to its pulsations within our consciousness. However, it is always bubbling under the surface of our existence within our being as true reality. As one begins to focus on this concept one will start the tearing away process of the illusory walls that block this divine energy from operating fully in everyday life. Since this Oneness is ultimate reality we are constantly being drawn to realize this within our subconscious mind. We have to work double-time to block it out. However, since this is the force of the Universe, it is the “Intention” which has been that tugging and pulling deep within us to have its existence be known. This “Intention” is the desire of Reality itself to know itself. This is also the reality of every individual who begins to wake up to his or her divine nature that is calling out to be known.

The process of self-discovery is one where “Intention” or “Cosmic Intention” or “Universal Intention”, as I call it, begins to awaken within us and draws our attention from the daily grind of personal survival to the importance of “knowing something more” about the reality of life itself. This does not happen by accident. It happens as the consciousness of an individual begins to focus more on Reality rather than on the illusion of what most people believe to be important things in their life. For some people this is as innocent as an interest in painting or some other creative project. Others might start reading or even writing. A few will decide they need to focus on some spiritual discipline and put more effort into discovering the more esoteric side of life.

But once the walls come down and Intention becomes a force you recognize in your life you will find that new ideas begin coming to you, meeting people of like interests will appear, your job may change and reflect a side to your nature which is more in keeping with who you really are, and everything will take on greater meaning in a Higher Sense. This Intention will be the force that is moving you toward the Destiny that is pulling you to your spiritual dreams.

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