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Lessons In Destiny
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


A Path of Self Discovery

by Dr. Derek Lamar

The process of “self discovery” can take many forms. In fact, though similarities will arise, everyone’s path is unique and will unfold like a fingerprint of expression as it forms the map of who you are and what the reality of your destiny is for you. The purpose of realizing that you are “on a path” is to have the conscious recognition that you are in control of your life. Also, in this manner you can become aware of what it means to actually “be awake”.

To be “Awake” is to experience life in the observer role rather than as the victim of life’s many changes that seem to catch us off-guard and force us into situations that cause stress and discomfort simply because we had no idea what was happening around us. Much of what occurs to us in life is “life itself” but also there is a template of personal reality that creates an energy field, of sorts, that interacts with the world around us. This means that because of our state of consciousness, our belief system, we will attract situations and people and opportunities.

Rene Descartes said: “I think, therefore I am” (Cogito Ergo Sum). This was his realization that his existence was something of a transcendental nature. The full formula of this thinking process was in a syllogistic form: “I think, to think is to exist, therefore I exist” or “I am”. He came to this awakening when he realized that even if he thought he “didn’t” exist, he would have to exist in order to think that. Therefore his thinking, his consciousness of his own being, was realized and proved that even in illusion there was a “reality” that could be discovered.

Most people think they exist of course but they often do not give any relevance to that with regards to their life. But when you awaken to this and begin a path you soon discover that even the smallest of things and happenings can take on gigantic importance. This is because in the esoteric realm of reality we begin to realize that the physical universe, and our part in it, goes beyond our concept of time, space and change. The physical reality that we have used to measure our own nature is actually determined by our existence, by our Being, and not the other way around.

As we experience the implications of what this means, we begin to become aware of the “divine essence” we are for this to actually be true. This spark of inner life which we come to realize is the Beingness that reflects who we really are, is proof of the Infinite Reality that we seek to discover, not just in life, but in ourselves as well. Sometimes the thought of this seems overwhelming at first and we might even dismiss its importance but believe me, this is a transcendental moment that will mark a stepping off place in the Cosmic scheme of things as it pertains to the pursuit of your Destiny.

This “stepping off place” is the Leap that draws a line in the sand between temporary and forever. Once you realize this, your life takes on a new perspective and importance that also causes you to focus on a responsibility for your life that can be stressful. But it is necessary to take one step at a time and venture out into this realization like walking in space for the first time. There is no gravity and there is nothing outside of your consciousness of it. Everything you experience you will experience in your consciousness. This means that not only are you responsible for your thoughts, but you also have control over your life.

All of the physical elements of your world will become ideas within your mind and small things can have a large meaning whereas large things may become unimportant. The choices you make from here on out may require more thought because you will begin to understand that each step you take marks a path toward or away from the destiny which awaits you. Nothing can actually alter your destiny but side trips can change the time frame through which you experience this reality you have discovered. Also, the impact one experience might have on you at a certain time could change the reaction or response that you engage in which could set off a chain reaction of events that will speed up your journey or slow it down. But ultimately as you look back you will see the footsteps you have taken that have brought you to a greater understanding of your “Self”.

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