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Lessons In Destiny
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Holographic Mind

by Dr. Derek Lamar

We often overlook the step by step process of our personal development as one day melts into another and the weeks go by until they becomes months and then years. But actually there does exist incredible meaning and there is always much that can be discovered. The more attention you pay to the unfoldment of your life the more you will get done and the more you will appreciate that process. You will become a participant in the event instead of feeling like you are being dragged from one obligation and responsibility to some other unpleasant chore.

Years ago a hologram was compared to a photograph and it was explained that if you take the negative of a photo and tear off a corner you can make a print of only that portion of what is seen in the photo but if you tear off a piece of the hologram you will have the sum total of what makes up the entire hologram. That is what is actually true about reality. It is what is true about everything in the Universe as well. It is after all, a Holographic Universe.

Achieving your destiny in the fullest sense is to be able to decipher the map along the way. You may not know how to read it in the beginning, but you will know it before you are through. Does anyone fulfill his or her destiny in one lifetime? Never. But can you fulfill your destiny in this lifetime? Certainly. There are levels to the “path game” and in seeking one’s destiny you will begin to find that along this path of unending adventures is a journey that is packed with multiple destinies. There isn’t just one. However it does build to greater and more enlightening states. The destiny is not what others would decide but rather the meaning is all within you. This does not mean the understanding you have to begin with but the realization you have as you move along the journey. It is all about understanding anyway. The destiny has everything to do with understanding otherwise it would have no meaning at all.

One must begin to realize that life, or the appearances of life, are expressions of an Ultimate Consciousness. This is where you are drawn because this is from where you have emerged. But everything in the Absolute sense of Reality correlates to attributes of what that Reality is. We perceive many things but rarely do we see things as they are in their pristine state of expression. Usually, based on the duality we filter that reality through, we perceive chopped up projections that are expressed whole and complete to begin with but we perceive them in our veiled consciousness in a fragmented state.

Reality or God, Spirit, Beingness, Consciousness, Mind, Truth, whatever term you choose to use to refer to that “Absolute State”, expresses itself in an ongoing fashion. It is Infinite and thus infinity is one of those attributes. This being the case other attributes that agree with Infinity also interchangeably agree with each other. This Absolute Reality is whole, it is complete and thus it is perfect. Think of mathematics. We utilize mathematics not simply as a collection of numbers but a system of understanding Infinity. All numbers represent the infinite variety of infinity. Take the concept and principle of a hand held calculator. Within that tool is the principle of mathematics that is based on Infinity. It is perfect. It is whole. It is complete. 2 + 2 = 4 and in this instance 4 represents the correct answer or also the truth. These attributes symbolize Infinite Truth, which is what is Absolute Reality.

This is where the Holographic Mind comes in. Reality is Whole, it is Complete, and it is also Perfect. Other terms that reflect this correlation are: Harmony, Balance, Order, Oneness, Infinity, etc. and each of these attributes represent each other. For example, “if they are whole and complete they are therefore perfect.” Remember the piece of the hologram that within its content contains the entire holographic image, so too, does everything you perceive contain the attributes of Reality.  You can listen to a spectacular symphonic piece of music and within it experience wholeness, completeness, perfection, harmony, and so on. When you look upon a rose you must realize that the essence of it is representing wholeness, completeness, perfection, infinity, harmony, balance, order, etc.

Any thing you perceive, which is not in keeping with these attributes, is a misperception of Consciousness in its highest sense. This happens to all of us all of the time because we are operating within a collective unconscious that is based on duality rather than Oneness. This duality becomes a filtering system that distorts our vision of the True Essence of what we perceive that is being “projected” by Mind. “In back of time, space and change is a fundamental reality and this reality is whole, complete and perfect.” As we gain insight into that Reality we get closer to accomplishing our Destiny.

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