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Lessons In Destiny
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


Choreography of Consciousness

by Dr. Derek Lamar

As you begin to “feel” the BEINGNESS of your self, your path and the pull the Universe has on you as it is drawing you toward your “Destiny”, you will recognize that more than simply a hop and a skip has joined you in your new rhythm of life. With this life comes a certain responsibility and that will take on the form of self-observation. This new view of yourself will allow you to know yourself better and also allow you to step outside of yourself.

“Why do you want to step outside of your self?” you might be asking. Well, you won’t be stepping outside of your SELF, as much as the self you think you are. We rarely catch a glimpse of who we “Really” are. We identify with the physical, human role so strongly that we believe that is the only “self” we have. But this is not the “Self” of which spiritual reality is waiting for you to discover. We do need to know that self better but we can only successfully achieve that by being able to step outside of it in order to view it objectively.

(Right: Sufi dancers performing a "whirling dervish" ceremony. One version of spiritual dancing but all art can be spiritual just as all expression is spiritual. Gurdjieff and Fourth Way Students engaged in sacred dances during G. I. Gurdjieff's time as a Master Teacher.)

That Beingness we call the “I AM” is what we come to understand as our “True Identity”. This is based on the premise that there is One Mind that is back of time, space and change. Not “God” in a religious way that is considered separate from who we are, but a Beingness that is the Life Source and Force of who we really are. This Absolute Consciousness is the Reality that we draw upon to lead us step by step into the “zone” of our destiny. Who could know better what is best for us than the Real Self of who we are. This state of consciousness is needed to unfold all of the details necessary to reveal the artistic expression of a life fully lived.

This is all beginning to sound a little too “far-out-fantastic” but there is a solid foundation for all of this in terms of the unfoldment of Consciousness. As you begin to realize your Self and feel when things are locking into place or when they are being forced into a direction which isn’t comfortable, you will be able to wake up to living your life and view the stepping stones you create, that you discover, are lead to, lead away from, frightened by, attracted to, and so on. You will become associated with this in a way that it will become a “feng shui body language” of dancing through life.

We spend a lot of our time marching to someone else’s drum, running away from misunderstood signals, dragging our feet in our careers, stubbing our toes in relationships, and kicking ourselves for missing great opportunities. This is not dancing. The choreography of consciousness is to become free of our “mind/matter environment” in order that we can live a little, observe and enjoy life like a movie that brings us pleasure.

As you become more and more aware of that which is going on around you, you will begin to see it coming and going almost as if life were standing still. You can stop and watch it go by or watch it arrive without feeling left out of what is going on in the world. The moves you need to make will happen automatically and the naturalness of interaction with others will become comfortable and bring about a confidence and ease that brings about a feeling of liberation.

On another side of this unfoldment is a therapeutic element through which you can observe yourself and patterns that seem to reveal themselves to you without causing anxiety or angst. You will be able to view them objectively and freely without the denial or fear that sometimes happens when one is surprised or psychologically threatened by events that seem to appear out of nowhere. You will be able to point out to yourself areas that are not productive or wanted or needed by this journey toward your destiny. In so doing you will learn how the undercurrent of feelings reveals a broken record of experiences that has brought about pain that is no longer necessary. You can let the suffering go and live again without guilt or regret.

You will be dancing to a Cosmic music that will get you beyond that feeling that you are trapped in a boring, tedious life leaving you feeling helpless. Regain the power to fulfill your own destiny. The choreography is the script that reveals to you the right moves you need to get where you are best fulfilling who you really are. It is your “Real Self” tapping you on the shoulder and letting you know the best path for you to move into.

Whether it is the easy parking space which opens up for you just at the right time, meeting the right person in the elevator who is looking for a new employee, or a buyer for the house you are just about to put on the market, things in your life will begin to turn around.

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© Copyright Derek Lamar 2008
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