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The Body... Somatic Expression

by Dr. Derek Lamar

In metaphysical, spiritual, new thought circles “the body” is often regarded as matter, as opposed to consciousness or spirit. This is where the seamless connection of the Oneness of Reality comes into view. I teach students that, “your mind is not in the body, the body is in your mind.”  When one comes to realize that there is One Mind (Beingness), and that all is Consciousness and that not only are you connected to this Consciousness but that in fact you ARE this Consciousness, then the perceptions one has will begin to take on a new and more fulfilling direction.

Everything you perceive is your consciousness of it. Not only that but it IS your consciousness. The importance of the body is prominent in your spiritual quest because it is the closest reflection of your sense of personal being. Who you are is reflected more directly in your “physical body” because it is the outward expression of the “astral body” or “abstract body” or “spiritual body” in terms of the consciousness of who you are.

In dealing with reflections and learning that everyone in your world is a mirror you will find that your own self is closer to you than anyone or anything else and it becomes the source of immediate spiritual focus. This is because you are already consciously aware of being “One” with this reality even though your consciousness of yourself is still fragmented and in shadows to varying degrees.

The basic elements of symbolism, as it pertains to the body are: the head and all of the intricate elements which pertain to sense testimony and communicate our perceptions to us: eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. These are our five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In addition we have in our head the brain that operates as a conduit for thinking. It is clear that we are “consciousness” and not limited to the brain but for the sake of dealing with symbology, our head represents our consciousness and the brain functions symbolize our ability to know and perceive.

In addition our “body” is divided in subgroups such as neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips, legs, feet. The inner body includes organs, blood, nerves, muscles, bones, cartilage, and yes, everyone needs a certain amount of fat. These sections break down into more precise areas that also have their own function. Each element expresses consciousness and all of them have their perfect application but might be perceived according to our state of consciousness.

If you are having a headache there are many things to look at in terms of consciousness or the psychology of what you are going through. It isn’t simply about psychosomatic reactions but rather understanding that in reality everything is psychosomatic because everything IS in your mind, everything IS consciousness. So with a headache, even what you would say was a real physical headache, it still traces back to something which could reveal a state of consciousness directly related to your “mind” or thinking or feeling on some level. You might ask yourself: “what was I thinking about which I found mentally painful?” Or perhaps, “what am I going through that I find painful?” Also it could be something you have to make a decision about and this conflict of avoidance is causing the stress that builds into mental fatigue and then pain.

Let us say you burned your finger on the stove. What were you thinking about at the time this occurred? What were you in “touch” with that you felt was painful? This all sounds very simplistic but these are approaches to self-observation that can help you get more in “touch” with yourself. The point to getting in touch with your self is to continue that journey of discovering the illusion in order to get beyond that and reveal True Reality.

That is just a glimpse, a beginning to view what else is going on in terms of simple everyday situations that reveal much more about what is going on in your consciousness than perhaps you were aware of. You need to realize that all of your body parts are aspects or attributes of a Higher Understanding of your “I AM” self. Our perception in our daily life, however, might be seen just the opposite. Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you are simply having a dream. And if you think about it you have to realize that everything within your dream is unfolding in your mind as the result of creative input from your subconscious that is revealing thoughts, impulses, actions, and feelings which are not physical but mental. All of this mental activity seems very real to you. It seems very dimensional and physical and you perceive it as really happening in your world. But when you wake up your first realization is that it was all happening in your mind.

This is what the spiritual experience has always been about. Enlightenment is that moment where you wake up and realize that everything is happening in your mind, in your consciousness. Not only is everything happening in your consciousness, everything is consciousness. Along with this remarkable realization is the conclusion you form that YOU ARE CONSCIOUSNESS.

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© Copyright Derek Lamar 2008
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