GOD... in a box

Oct. 25,1997

This particular "happening" came off very well. Most of the visitors to the site joined in and everyone seem to do well. There were some disagreements here and there but this served to prompt others to get involved and to think even more deeply about the topic that they were engaged in.

The original concept goes back to 1986 when Derek Lamar opened the Ontological Learning Center in Bakersfield, California. There were many classes offered then, as now, but one of the theatrical events which was drawn up never actually came to be. It was called "An Evening With Gurdjieff" This would involve Derek wearing a handlebar moustache, al a Gurdjieff, and a Russian Cassock fur hat, perhaps complete with bottle of Armagnac somewhere close at hand, and the other participants would be those in the audience who would wish to actually participate. It would be on a voluntary basis. However, once you took that stage there would be no backing out. It would be spontaneous and extemporaneous and complete with broken English with a Russian accent St. Petersburg or Fontainbleau, Paris, France would come alive. Davolna!

As this was in its planning stages a more "Absolute" version of something similar was being drawn up. As the other was very Fourth Way, this "God" would be very Ontological. Derek decided that people were always giving foolish and ignorant interpretations to Biblical text or making comments as to a God they didn't know: with phrases like "if there was a God he wouldn't allow such things to happen to .... blah, blah, blah." So he decided that if there could be a large box placed in the middle of the room... people could write their questions or comments and present them to God by putting them into a hole in the box and out would come answers or responses which an appointed host would read... similar to the verdict by a jury foreman I guess. Well, it would be very awkward and this "God... in a box" did not really have a proper format until the internet and a chat room came accessible. Thus, the birth of "GOD... in a box."

This way an actual named figure "GODinabox" could be presented and the fantasy ensue.

This event unfolded just as you can read the transcription here:

"GOD... in a box"


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