The Spiritual Meaning of


by Derek Lamar Fourth Way Master

  The Hula is, as is all dance, rooted in rituals which originally began as spiritual, religious and/or social ceremonial activities. In modern times, perhaps mostly in Western circles, dancing has had a recreational avenue in the last 1000 years with folk dancing, and even formal but social community gatherings where people would entertain, meet others and share in social and romantic circumstances. We, in the Western world, have degenerated in our thinking based on our ego to believe that our civilization has continued to move upward rather than downward so we conclude that anything from the past is primitive and simple. But this is not necessarily so. As one begins a spiritual path they may soon find that what was once perceived as primitive or simple was actually very esoteric and on a much Higher level as it pertains to "civilization." Technology is not the standard by which we should measure the accomplishments of our world. For technology comes and goes and has more to do with man's laziness than his spiritual and gnostic abilities.
Most of our tools which come from our "technology" reflect what we call making life easier but also based on an incredible lack of spiritual understanding. If we could move from one place to another without the need of current transportation think of the changes we would have in our lifestyle. Imagine life without fossil based fuel or cars, boats, airplanes, etc. This permeates much of what we call our "civilization." It also is much of what creates what we think is a need for war and violence upon other nations as we maintain our current lifestyle. Frankly, this is all absurd. But back to the esoteric side of Man and his rituals and ceremonies.
Kahuna Magic, as it is often called, and the Hula are both a part of the ritual of Hawaiian Esoteric Life. Much of it was seen as primitive and in many ways it too became primitive over the ages but it was based originally on the esoteric knowledge of a world wide community of understanding which was on a much Higher Plane than the one in which we exist today. It is not simply a matter of knowing about something but rather having it be alive within one's Beingness and operating within them as a System of Thought.
What you will enter into here on this mystical journey of the Hula and the magic of the Kahuna is only a realm of magic if you believe in the supernatural as a Universe beyond your own existence. Real magic is actually nothing more than the realization of Truth. You see, the supernatural realm is one which is ALWAYS in operation. The changes which occur are those in consciousness whereby we block out the flow of Reality and we alter our world in such a way as to create discord, chaos, disease, violence, pain, suffering, poverty, division, isolation, fear and so on. These are changes from the Real world of Spirit which is ongoing Harmony, Order, Health, Peace, Pleasure, Wholeness, Abundance, Oneness, Unity, Security, Confidence on through infinity. We think of magic as the power to change things but I would say haven't we changed things enough. Now we must realize that all is Consciousness and what we must change is Consciousness alone. In changing our perception we alter our world.... this is MAGIC.

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