Every Meaning          Has Levels

by Richard Kula on the mainland

   The Hula is like religion. The majority of people believe it to be the primitive dances of the Hawaiian Islands. Some think of it still as being slightly erotic in nature because of the movements and the costumes. The missionaries were shocked and aroused by the discovery of such events and displays. This frightened them because they felt that, not the natives, but they themselves were out of control and needed to curb these activities. It was the missionaries themselves who put an end to the wanderings of their own thoughts and lusts, so they thought, but they never really understood the spiritual significance of the dances themselves. Like the Sufis and their whirling dervishes, the Hawaiian art form of the Hula and its highly evolved discipline of communication and theatre as well as its deep esoteric level would be known to only a few.
   Unlike some people I do not blame the missionaries for all of the tragedies of the Hawaiian Islands. That was more the fault of the greedy children of the missionaries and their financial exploitation of the islands. For the most part the missionaries increased the society in general but the greed of the outside world and those foreign merchants made it an unfortunate situation. It was inevitable that the world would come upon Hawaii. The disease that came and spread and killed so many people was nothing that could be stopped. The Hawaiians themselves were world travelers who came upon these islands and claimed them, leaving behind their own Polynesian homeland for this "new world." The missionaries helped with the bringing about a new society with their own language in a written form and were pivotal in the ending of the sometimes cruel government of the Alii with its strict rules and seemingly heartless punishments.
   But after a short time had passed in their history it was the Hawaiians who had brought themselves into the new light of the new world and with it created a new existence and splendour with many peoples inhabiting the islands. It was a necessary change in consciousness with the Hawaiian people but as all changes go they still must rise out of the dark side of change on this planet. Their roots in magic and the esoteric were from a time long ago and as the centuries progressed the practices turned into ritual and cultic and the essence was lost in place of the power which was held in so much regard. But the power behind the power was illusive and like the spiritual side of so many practices today only a few remain who understand. The new age coming will indeed "rise up out of the sea" like Lamuria and reach toward the heavens as gods with the revelations of the true Spiritual Understanding yet to take place. The Quantum Leap experienced by all nations will bring together the One People as the One Mind and the Hawaiian Magic of the Kahuna shall take its rightful place in the halls of the Awakening.
To be continued and expanded...

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