Addendum to

The Practical Lotus

by Ben Gilberti, H.W., M.

Bringing spiritual insights into practical application, manifestation and recognition in the details of everyday conventional life ­ this has been my challenge these past few years since writing "A Letter from Moses." The revelations that emerged from these efforts are as follows:
It really is true, in every dimension of life, that there is only one reality, God, and that the self of me untrammeled by erroneous beliefs in duality is free to experience itself as the oneness of and as all reality. All that I experience as the "outside world" with all its near and far people and events on all levels of magnitude from my own personal immediate experiences right on up to my current awareness of the vastness of a trillion galaxies, is all my own self in infinite intimate manifestation wherein there is in fact no dichotomy between my observing consciousness and any manifestation that may be observed. The universal belief in duality inclines myself (along with everyone else) to divide myself into the self that experiences and apparently external events that are experienced, but this division is an illusion, arising out of the illusion of an assumed and projected identity, the assumed identity being my own conventional sense of self as a limited, isolated human being with my own personal, historically created set of problems, and the projected identity being this great big ultra complex world that not only appears to be external to me, but ridden with monumental hallucinations of discord, disharmony, suffering, disaster, distress, disease, catastrophe, poverty, hatred, war, and the other several million versions of the battle between the illusory notion of good and evil that is part of the fundamental and culturally entrenched erroneous belief in duality, the erroneous belief in two powers, the erroneous belief that God is not absolutely the one and only, the belief that the self is something separate from and other than God, the belief that the self is something far less than and other than the qualitative nature of God as absoluteness, entirety, totality, wholeness, completeness, harmony and perfection.
Ultimate illumination is the experience of Cosmic Consciousness ­ the immediate and intimate experience of the entire cosmos as your own immediate and intimate self. On the way to ultimate enlightenment are all the present moments that occur between now and the grand finale, and ideally those present moments consist in the practical application of the understanding set forth above.
In practical terms that means for example that I remember, or frequently remind myself, that all the people I work with are both within my consciousness and an expression of my consciousness, as is also all the machinery I work with, the processes the machinery execute, the technology that is both being developed and being produced, as well as the human psychodynamics and behavior of all the workers, managers, policies, procedures, decision-making, group dynamics and all the forces of the competitive marketplace within which the company I work for a living organism reaching for success and trying diligently to avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure. All of this is occurring within my own consciousness insofar as I recognize that consciousness to be the one consciousness that is God knowing/being itself.
Though the gap may seem large, such reminders make the immediate field of my consciousness, and all that is within it, miraculously fertile with solutions, serendipities, synchronicities, and other apparent transformations that render that field more in alignment and harmony with the infinite harmony and perfection that is the true nature of the one God that is in actuality the omniaction and omnipresence of what I've been apprehending through the distorted lens of the mass-consciousness belief in two powers or duality.
Living then becomes a matter of seeing through appearances to the reality that lies in back of and behind my initial misperceptions. Meditation allows the reminder that God is the only reality to be experienced more clearly and deeply because one is taking a time-out from the milieu of experience to touch home base without the distraction of erroneous appearances, but once fortified with the refreshment of this time-out, and with the further advantage of the mysterious fertility such meditations imbue all that is to follow with a greater inclination towards the manifestation of oneness instead of duality, a greater sense of intimacy with all that follows therefore results, and the greater manifestation of harmony, or oneness, is felt also as a greater sense of oneness with events, people and circumstances from which I previously felt more alienated. It is an ongoing, rich and complex process, with surprising new challenges always appearing on the scene. It is the unfolding of the lotus of illumination, a lotus with an infinite number of petals, each petal being each moment lived in the manner described above.

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