Ontological Mysticism:
An Experience of God by Ben Gilberti, H.W.,M.


Everyone who knows anything about Mysticism, knows that the full realization of God cannot be attained through thoughts or words. But the Archetype of the Story of Exodus provides a paradigm of spiritual development that includes "spiritualized intellect" symbolized by Moses. In the archetype, Moses is essential to the spiritual development process, leading the chosen people out of slavery in Egypt to the brink of the Promised Land. Egypt represents the paradigm of duality. The Promised Land represents the realization of Oneness or God. But Moses does not enter himself, because even the most spiritualized intellect could never comprehend God. He does lead to the brink, however, which is where one needs to be to go beyond intellect and actually experience God.
The following is an exercise in spiritualized intellect leading to the brink of the experience of God.

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