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A Firewalk of The Mind: Sexuality of the Soul

by Dr. Derek Lamar, QM21.com

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

What’s Sex got to do with it? In 1980 The Waitresses sang, “I know what boys like, I know what guys want.” In 1981 Olivia Newton John was singing, “I wanna get physical, let me hear your body talk.” And in 1984 Romeo Void sang “Never Say Never” with lyrics such as “I might like you better if we slept together.” But finally in 1984 Tina Turner came out with the song, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Sex is a mystery that eludes most humans. The most sophisticated of us are usually locked into our own mythology about the sexual process and what it has to do with our own identity.

There were several meditations at the school I went to in the 70’s and I have carried on that tradition. People think of meditations as being something very Eastern or Zen-like. Maybe sounds of a wind chime or flute music. Sometimes nature sounds like a waterfall in the distance: perhaps an environmental recording with rain, or the surf, or a gentle wind.

But those are sometimes passive meditations where you drift into thoughts or feelings without any intention or destination in mind but rather you become drawn into whatever your imagination feels inclined to engage. This is often a very creative meditation and can be useful and very relaxing. Often that is “just what the doctor ordered” as they say.

Self Discovery When The Mind Can Travel

But I learned a type of meditation that can be much deeper. Usually the exercise begins with a process of “auto-conditioning.” Another term for this is “self-hypnosis.” There really is no hypnosis in which one is really totally asleep. So for those who fear hypnosis perhaps that will alleviate some of your fears. In this type of meditation one becomes totally relaxed and in doing so their body and mind can become “One” in the relaxed state. This allows for the mind to “travel” and be free to engage in self-discovery as well as being a part of the “healing process.”

“What needs to be healed?” you might ask. We are all out of sync with “Reality”, “the Universe”, and our “Self.” Everything that happens to us in our life is an out-picturing of our state of consciousness. As we change our consciousness, our life changes and for the better. A lot of people do not know what it means to “change one’s consciousness” because they do not believe in “Absolutes” and cannot figure out one change from another. People think of change as simply doing something different. Instead of getting up at 6:00 am they start getting up at noon. Well, that does sound like an improvement but that’s not what I mean. Any shift in one’s thinking or activity is not the type of “change” I am talking about.

Consciousness Has Intention

There is a word in the Greek that applies to this process. It is “Metanoia” which means, “the changing of one’s mind.” This is the same as “the changing of one’s consciousness.” This is the Greek word found in the Bible that has been translated as “repentance.” It is made up of two words put together “meta” and “noia” which mean beyond or after and perception, understanding or mind. This relates the “new state” which occurs after a perception is altered.  Despite those who believe that “everything is relative,” there is a “state of consciousness” which is clear of confusion and which is in alignment with Consciousness on its Highest Level. As free thinking humans we tend to think that all thoughts are relative and that simply thinking one way is no better or worse than another. But why is it we seek psychological help when we realize that our “thinking” is perhaps “self-destructive” or “self-defeating” or causing us to have emotional problems where we are at odds with ourselves and others?

For the purpose of brevity I cannot indulge that adequately because that would be a two-day weekend class. However, suffice it to say that the mind and Consciousness operates correctly and freely and in tune with itself in mathematical harmony and anything short of that begins to erode the “perfect state” which Mind has as its intention. It could be said that any deviation from the norm would create alternate obstacles that would lead one onto a path of self-discovery that would include a learning process that the individual needs. However when one is initially in a perfect state it is difficult to ascertain how that came about.

That being said, the short version of interpretation would be that consciousness itself is always on a journey of discovery, not simply for the perfection that is ultimate Reality, but for all of the individual aspects that are the multiple parts of this Cosmic puzzle. That understood, we can begin to have an appreciation for the infinite variety of life as the Whole and not line up all of its parts as “perfect, good, pretty good, so so, lousy, OMG, and ewwww crap!!!”

Kundalini Yoga ~ Auto-Conditioning ~ Eyes Wide Open

One of the meditations I created for the school is called “The Firewalk of The Mind” and is included in a two day class called “Kunda.” Kunda being a prefix of the term Kundalini Yoga it maintains the understanding that there is something of a sexual nature to the meditation. However, Kundalini Yoga is misunderstood by the Western world and is either scoffed at or derogatory sexual comments made in the place of intelligent understanding. However I have discovered that in the Czech language “kunda” is a derogatory expression for the word vagina. But I can’t be held accountable for that.

The meditation itself is a process of creating a state of mind, beginning with the auto-conditioning exercise, which relaxes the participants. In doing so one’s mind and one’s subconscious become more in tune with each other in order that the energies can build and open up to the Supra-Conscious Mind. This allows the individual to experience sexual energy in its purest form. I talked about this in my “Eyes Wide Open” chapter in this ongoing saga of personal exploration.

A large part of meditation, especially in Eastern schools, is the breathing process. At a certain point one often attains the breathing level naturally once they are relaxed enough. But beyond that there is a deeper breathing that is often helpful and necessary to bring one to a more relaxed and thus more receptive state of consciousness. This breathing does not just speak of oxygen to the lungs and then to the blood, but a breathing that speaks to the whole body. This process is an in and out, inhale and exhale, as above so below, within and without, which sets a tone of relaxation for the entire body and also for one’s sense of Being. It has a tendency to remove one from the external world and its invasiveness of one’s personal sense of self and also a distraction from the Self which can access realms beyond the human state of memory and reach deeper into the collective unconscious and the area of Mind which memory reflects but does not account. Sometimes this is interpreted as a psychic realm, but it is more than that. It is intuitive and extends one’s understanding of who they are as their own sense of separateness begins to wane and a realization of the Oneness process begins to open up to a Reality that is usually left aside for only magicians, mystics, and messiahs to realize.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions For Centuries

We have come to accept many things that take place in churches, cathedrals, temples, mosques, synagogues, sanctuaries, pyramids; sacred architecture and sacred geometry, overlooked for millennium for answers to ageless questions and questions to eternal answers. Even in modern times we all have an awareness of the music, the incense, the candles, the gongs, the chimes, the bells, the whisp of the robes as the priests walk down the aisles. The echoes of bare feet are perceived shuffling through the halls and down the corridors while light begins to merge with the clouds of smoke from the candles and incense rising high overhead as one’s imagination begins to emerge and entertain alien thoughts that occasionally disappear and reappear like quantum leaps and jumps throughout the universe of particles and waves.

But within this spiritual magical dance of the mind one thing is for sure. Your being becomes accustomed to that secure state of mind that is introduced in this atmosphere where you feel safe and a memory is introduced to your subconscious mind. And the next time you return you again enter into this state of consciousness more easily than the last time and so on and so on. It is much like the triggering of a post hypnotic suggestion that reaffirms the security of this state of consciousness and it not only permits you to enter this “place,” but also more quickly and more deeply. As a result of this process you can continue to take this journey and accomplish more on the path you have chosen for yourself, or chosen for you by a Self you do not yet know.

The more one is engaged in the meditative process, the more understanding and sense of safety that can be entertained. With each experience, provided these are successful endeavors, the more confidence you will have about letting yourself go. This is what causes nervousness and resistance. The ego is the human idol that gains access of control over the self and is the self that in reality only exists due to self-hypnosis over thousands, perhaps millions of years. It is the emergence of an illusory self that is produced for survival purposes only. Out of “fear/survival dynamics” the human species adapted itself to a state of mind that prepared them for what they believed to be a hostile environment. The “self” of the ego mind is separate from everyone else, all minds, the environment, the other life forms, even the elements of light and darkness. All things separate from the self are immediately dealt with as hostile invaders and become an enemy to the existence and survival of that “ego mind.”

Be Free To Let Go Of Intruding Thoughts

This is why in meditation one must relax and come to that place within where even thoughts that emerge can be dismissed after acknowledging them. You do not ignore them because they are not to be feared, but accepted and dismissed because you, your mind, your being, is in control and all is well with your world. Nothing can harm you or injure you in any way. It is all mind and it is all Higher Mind which you will be engaged with and absolute trust within your self must be cultivated in order that the spiritual knowledge will be received and accepted completely. Where there is no Oneness there can be no change that you desire. The meditation is not simply a relaxation technique but it is the entering a state of prayer. It is rising into a state of “Samadhi.”


In the particular meditation I am speaking of the music is chosen for purposes of the journey. It becomes a backdrop for the travels of the mind and a procession that leads one to the Light of that which they seek. There is verbal direction from the Teacher that takes one into his or her consciousness and encourages the participant to realize that their thoughts are their tools. They are in effect “men” that can do the “Work” within their consciousness to bring about the desires that they have and feel and entertain.

There also is a discussion of the nature of the Self where one is acquainted with the understanding that everyone is androgynous and that as consciousness you are neither male nor female alone but actually you are both male and female. Just as Higher Mind is both: in and out, within and without, as above, so below, and male and female. You come to understand that you are giving and receiving and that one cannot happen separately without the other in Principle, in Reality, in Mind, In Consciousness, in--- God.

In Reality Everything Is Thought

You come to realize that not only in the meditation but that in Reality everything is thought. All is consciousness and materiality is just another thought within the mind. The music continues and becomes more aggressive and you are instructed to feel the energy and to hold onto the energy and not to let it go. You realize of course there is a sexual tension that is taking place and as you are rising within yourself you are also climbing a mountain that is a Higher Self that is not separate from who you are. You are reminded that, “You are the cause and effect of your own thoughts.”

The music that is used descends and you begin to float downward deep within yourself. This process takes a while as you go deeper and deeper. Eventually you enter into a place where you are completely relaxed and at peace. You are told that this is your perfect world. And also you are told that you can go to this “place” any time you wish. You learn that “You are the Light” and that “You are the Flame.” The light is within you just as is the flame. You begin to enter deeper into yourself. “You are Consciousness and you are all there is.”

“Feel the flames, they cannot burn you. Push back the shadows; hold up the Light. The Light is stronger than the darkness. Greater is He in the Light than the shadows where there is absence of light. Darkness has no reality; it is a lie.  YOU ARE THE LIGHT - - YOU are the “I AM.” You believe in shadows but you must let them go. Hold up the Light.  Repeat these words: “I AM the Light. I AM the Flame. I AM THAT I AM.”

Saga continues: The Student, The Pupil and the Chela

Realize your limits, observe your dedication, feel the intention, discover your future in the Cosmic map that you create for yourself.

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