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Metanoia: Change Your Mind, Change Your World

by Dr. Derek Lamar

One of the important things that needs to always be focused on in this Teaching is the “power of the mind.” This is often misunderstood, like everything else, since humans tend to believe any number of things for reasons that are beyond reason. Some people even encourage people to believe “unreasonable things” since they think that Western Philosophy and the viewpoint of patriarchal societies are only left brained and indulge only in aggressive intellectual reasoned out hypotheses. To a certain extent this is true. Humankind is now a planet of science to a certain extent. We have devised a manner of scientific discovery and anything that doesn’t fall under those parameters is either discarded or shoved to the back of the bookcase or set aside for further study by others with less important things to do.

Science today is promoted by huge corporations that invest vast sums of money into scientific research that will result in producing great profits for the corporation. The need for scientific findings that are not connected to tangible products or services that result in profit just aren’t on the table for most businesses. They are in business to make money. This is understandable from a business point of view. And likewise, education tends to follow that same pattern, or simply goes off onto some wild goose chase entertaining crazy ideas which are promoted by some professor but again with little hope of being any use to the general well being of humanity as a whole.

In the secular or academic world, new ideas in science tend to lean toward discounting or disproving the world’s obsession with things pertaining to God. So many intelligent researchers and scientists have spoken out against things of a religious nature that, pretty soon, the concept of God or spiritually connected concepts have been tossed onto the trash heap of humanity’s neglected pursuits. It wasn’t until 1900 that Max Plank’s hypothesis of light being made up of Quantum particles, Einstein in 1905, discussing the photoelectric effect, later called these particles photons, and then in 1924 Max Born’s paper on “Zur Quantenmechanik” began the first use of the term “Quantum Mechanics.” Following that began a continuous body of work that resulted in being the history of Quantum Theory and making the concepts of this mysterious science more accessible to the philosophic mind that observed its world, nature and the ongoing workings of the Universe. Many followed this unfoldment with their revealing contributions such as Erwin Schrodinger and his cat, Werner Heisenberg and his “uncertainty principle,” Neils Bohr, with his work with electrons and “quantum distances,” and Einstein presenting ideas on space and time and his General Theory of Relativity.

The general public becomes consciously aware that the Universe is made up of space and matter and that matter is made up of atoms and molecules and that our world is not solid. We think it is solid. It appears to be solid. But only the perception is true. There is not “reality” to the idea that matter is solid. On one hand this becomes a mystery of science while on the other hand the philosophic and religious world seizes upon this and proof that our Universe is divinely inspired, created, and is a realm of infinite wealth of unknown possibilities that reflect ideas that heretofore had only been used to describe God.

When Jesus was confronted for not “keeping his followers in line” because they sang him praises as he entered the streets of Jerusalem, he said: “If I were to stop them, the rocks would cry out.” I am reminded of an event in my early days of metaphysical education, of a statement made by my then Mentor, regarding the oil spillage along the coast of California. She said: “Energy will express itself where it will.”  Ideas centuries apart but still connected to the same theory as expressed by Hermes (Trismegistus) circa 2600 BC and contributed the insight of “As above, so below.” Every action has an equal opposite reaction. --- Our father who is in heaven, hallowed be thy name, and kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. --- As above so below. --- Every action has an equal opposite reaction. --- Energy will express itself where it will... where it must.

This knowledge, these words, is thrown around in many circles today like apples just picked off a tree but in reality they are more like hand grenades. The power within the principles here, the possibilities withheld within the uneducated mind, evaporate without meaning and hang in the mist waiting in anticipation of who is to next walk up to the burning bush. It isn’t just about what the words represent but what is hidden deep within the principle that lays waiting to burst forth in expression like a lonely Genie held captive inside a tarnished lamp.

When the video and the book called “The Secret” came out around 2006, it was implied that hidden knowledge was being released for the first time. But in actuality only a limited version of that understanding was presented. Most metaphysicians, occultists, magicians, esotericists are familiar with “the secret” as it is referred to today. But beyond the secret is a deeper understanding of what the secret really means. Most of what students and teachers of the New Thought movement are talking about is some variation on what is called “visualization.” This is the process of “believing” you can have anything you want if you let yourself “believe it” and it shall come to you. So as a result, the visualization “initiate” will imagine they have what they so desperately want or need to the exclusion of anything else. They will focus deeply, perhaps say over and over that “the house is mine, the house is mine” until they believe it. Or whatever their chosen piece of glitter or glamour is that week.

A variation of this became popular in the 1970’s among athletes and it is still used today; also by entertainers of all kinds. However with entertainers it comes natural because often all of their waking moments and their dreams are about themselves it is easier for them to imagine themselves winning over the crowd, receiving a standing ovation, having to escape the throngs of well wishers and still never seen for the greatness they really have. But all Hollywood and ego aside, this mental activity does work to a certain extent and it is somewhat dependable up to a point. But also, it has its negative applications as well. I am not talking about “black magic” because that is another story for another time. But it borders on the same pentagram etched into the floor and walked around with a candle.

There is a “knowing” which is so much more powerful and useful that comes from doing personal “Work.” This “Work” is a process whereby one observes his or her self and utilizes self-observation and begins to really know what is inside of their mind, their subconscious, their memory. There is a lot of psychological work to do here. It is not necessary for a one time shot at “getting what you want” per se. But if you are making this a useful knowledge, a working knowledge of the ontological nature of things, then you need to become more familiar with your self. This is why the great and famous admonition of Socrates: “Know Thyself.”

One of the problems with “The Secret” or “Visualization” or “Treasure Mapping” or “Name It And Claim It” is the voluminous mathematics of it all. It is based on “BELIEVING” therefore you have to keep saying “I want money” or “I want wealth” or “wealth is mine.” And you do this over and over again until you actually feel that you believe it deep inside. This is because we are dealing with the subconscious mind here. However, why aren’t you wealthy now? Are the gods against you? Is there just not enough money to go around and you just haven’t gotten yours? No. It is because somewhere deep inside of you, you already believe something contrary to what you now desire. Somewhere deep inside, here it comes, here it comes, the Michael Myers character Wayne Campbell in “Wayne’s World”: “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” (Garth joins in.) So deep inside of you there is this sad, pathetic party going on where all of your own characters are chanting “I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy!” This is filed and rooted in your subconscious mind right now. Maybe your mom or your dad… or your step-dad… said: “You’ll never amount to anything. You’ll never make a decent living if you don’t change that attitude, boy. You’ll never make any money at that. Our people have always been poor. The game is rigged and unless you’ve got a ticket you’ll never win.”

There is only one answer here. You have to change your consciousness. Yes. Change your consciousness. You must change your mind. You must change your thinking. Your belief system needs a total upgrade. But you cannot fool the system. You cannot put on a $1,000 suit and Ferragamo shoes and pretend to be rich simply by looking rich. You can be rich in your underwear. You can be rich naked in the shower.

But you can go to your closet and check out your clothes. Your clothes are the costumes that you wear that reveal either who you think you are or who you wish you were or who you wish someone else believed you to be. But that doesn’t always work. Remember that girl or guy you wanted back in high school. But she or he had the hots for someone else. Let’s say she had the hots for some “bad boy.” So you tried to act cool and look like the “bad boy” and you did a pretty good job but still she liked him and not you. Why? Because he WAS the “bad boy” and in the end he would treat her like trash and dump on her and she needed to be rejected and feel unworthy. But you weren’t putting out those vibes and you were just invisible to her because you were going to treat her like a goddess. But she wasn’t worthy and you would never be the fulfillment of her pathetic psychological problem nor yours either apparently because she wasn’t going to reject her “bad boy” and you were so unworthy you had that “needing to be rejected sticker” on your $2 t-shirt.

So in order to get that girl you would have to discover who you really are and not what you chose to believe about yourself. Once you discovered who you really are you would desire someone else but it would work and the two of you would actually be happy and it would last and it would never be dull and you would never look back and question… “If only.” And so it is with the process of actually changing your consciousness and discovering who you are in order to achieve what it is you desire. You can never lose. The more you learn and the more you change the better life gets. It gets better because you will be operating on “Truth” rather than a false reality that only draws negative self-defeating situations and people into your life.

Rather than believing, you need to be knowing. KNOWING has the “POWER” built into it. Rather than having negative ideas about yourself buried in your subconscious, imagine what it must be like to have a knowing that you are “whole, complete and perfect” operating within your consciousness. How can you know this? You can know this because it is True. Truth does not really have an opposite. There is only the illusion of things that are opposite. You can only believe in the Truth. You can’t really believe in a lie because a lie isn’t true. If someone gives you a combination for a safe and it is true you can take the piece of paper and read those numbers and open that safe. But if the numbers written down are a lie then no matter how hard you believe or how many times you twirl that dial those numbers are not going to open that safe.

When you begin to study “Truth” in a metaphysical or ontological sense, you will find that the more you begin to understand about Truth and who and what you are, the more your life will change. You won’t even have to chant or write things down on a piece of paper to read over and over again. It will be like a Cosmic Lucky Speed Dial and you will just push that number and it will ring exactly where it is supposed to ring. What you need is a “Metanoia.” A metanoia is “a change in consciousness.” The event in life where something changes abruptly and seemingly supernaturally is what you call a “Metanoia.” It is an outpicturing of your new consciousness and is suddenly the answer to your needs as it appears right there before you in the form of whatever form it needs to be. If you desperately need a job but a little voice keeps saying that “there are no jobs out there for you,” you have to focus on the Truth. The Truth is that "being employed" is the Truth. Truth is employed. It has a job permanently. Truth is Infinite and in Truth you are Infinite. You are MIND knowing itself Infinitely and that is your job. You are employed right now. Understand that and know that and suddenly a job will appear out of nowhere almost like magic. It will be a “metanoia.” It will be the changing of your mind, because seeing and knowing the Truth, will change your world.

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Understand that words are not always enough to begin to understand but the experience is a combination of recognizing the reality in back of the illusion and the Truth which is the Infinite Manifestation of our experience... not as interacting entities in chaos but as One Mind unfolding out and back to itself in infinite variety. Our discovery of this experience is a process through which we begin to see that we are not separate from our surroundings but rather continuing to discover the Oneness of Reality and how as Mind we express this perfect out and back of Consciousness like the rising and setting of the sun.

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