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Mystical Journey

Quantum Leaps and Bounds

by Dr. Derek Lamar, QM21.com

The world is like the holodeck on board the “Starship Enterprise.” It is not really matter at all. The atoms and molecules are actually expressions of “Mind” and they are not fixed or solid or tangible except in the sense that they are consciousness and Consciousness is all there is. You can enter the holodeck in a Star Trek series and connect with the on-board computer and direct whatever scenario you wish to engage. This is actually what we are experiencing in life but we do not yet know how to operate the controls. But also we are intertwined with a “destiny” of sorts and it includes others because they are not separate from us. The reason for this is because they are “us” as well and we are still all operating in atom and molecule fashion as we bump into each other not knowing where we will end up.

It is difficult to plan things and then let life happen to you at the same time. But actually that is what is always going on anyway. John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” And if you begin to know that your plans include happenings you are yet to discover, it makes life a fabulous journey that you can learn from. The other things that happen that you cannot account for are essentially linked to your subconscious as well as your “Higher Nature” depending on how much in touch you are with these sometime secret dimensions. It is like mixing paint and what kind of brush you use as to how it will all turn out. Sometimes it is a collage, sometimes very abstract, maybe a portrait, or photographic or 3D or holographic. Maybe it is blurred or perhaps crystal clear. Maybe it is a déjà vu and reminds you of some past episode of life that still needs cleaning up. Or maybe it is a spectacular adventure of excitement or love or personal discovery and it becomes a part of your scrapbook of personal mystery and intrigue.

But whatever the case you will find that there is no way to have absolute control over what is going on. However, you can be more in tune with the process of what is taking place if you simply keep in mind that it is custom made from who you are and how you fit in with other events you are engaged in. Your world is a movie that is unfolding from your consciousness as you live it. Sometimes it will seem like a rerun but we do tend to keep experiencing certain things we have not resolved. It is rather like a leaky faucet which continues to drip and it gets louder and more annoying until you face it, fix it and move on from there.

The metaphysical school, during this time, was a part of life that existed somewhat in a box. It was there and I would present classes and lectures and events and people would show up and they would experience their “movie” which had not yet been created. This is like life. The only difference is that in these “Closed Class” experiences the “Teacher” is hopefully operating in a different “place” than the pretzel man on the mall. When the school opened I was prepared and unprepared. But the main thing is I was prepared to “BE” unprepared. That meant that I would do the best to put together notes to keep me on track but that I would step out into “SPACE” and float within that Consciousness connected with everyone in the room and free-fall like a “Space Ballet” knowing that the words were the right words and that whatever I needed would come to me and emerge as the event needed to be experienced.

This meant that a process of engaging the “collective unconscious” would be an option and that “Mind Unfolding” would be allowed to present itself through whatever means necessary, as the format of the class would ensue. The only problem with this would be a little bit of nervousness on my part, as I would begin the class until I could “let go” and allow the class to give itself. I can go back and listen to the tapes of those classes and hear the nervousness in my voice. Most people wouldn’t hear it probably but I can. This could be compared to learning to swim and jumping off the high board for the first time and you feel that hesitation. Maybe you walk out to the end of the board and look down and imagine you are 5 miles up and the water is way down there in a little paper cup. You know in your mind this isn’t true but your stomach might be telling you something else. But finally you jump and realize that another part of you has a parachute and you simply let go and coast as you let the wind rush past you. Only, in this case, it is thoughts and ideas that are revealing the secrets in back of a perceived reality with just a little bit of electricity to help keep the “Light” on.

At a certain point I began to realize that I could actually feel the consciousness of the room. I could never decipher what was what and who was who but it was a feeling that at first I thought was me and then I realized that it wasn’t me but the vibrations of the people in the room as well as their emotions and resistance and nervousness and calmness and sometimes it would come and go in waves as I would continue teaching the class. I understood this process intellectually on a minimal level from the experience of classes I had taken years before. Back then I would have a list of things in my mind that I had heard in class and I combined that in my mind with the new feeling that I was changed. I could feel that something had happened during that class. Sometimes I could check my notes and nothing would come to me that stood out but still, still, I felt changed and I knew something had taken place within me that I couldn’t put into words. But at the same time I knew I was changed and would never be the same.

I knew at this point that it was the loosening up of one’s being, one’s consciousness, one’s rigid sense of self and also I knew that all of this was a healing of sorts. It wasn’t simply a change like switching lanes on the freeway or making a U-turn at the end of a cul-de-sac. No, it was like having a chiropractic treatment where you feel all of your bones going back into place and you feel a couple of inches taller. But this change didn’t go away. It would stay with you until then next time and the time after that and each time your consciousness was altered and you would never be the same again. And this would have its incremental affect on you; on you and everyone else in that class. So as soon as I began interacting with people, even on one-on-one situations, I had this feeling within me that connected me to that other person. And when the one-on-one situations turned into small groups and then a classroom and then a lecture hall, it simply became part of the process.

What is taking place here is a realignment of consciousness. Some would argue it was imagination or maybe a flash back from a bad retreat in my past but clearly at this point one has a sense about these things. On top of that, there is an intuitive knowingness that accompanies this state of consciousness and it only reveals itself as being what I have described. On another level it mirrors what one might interpret as “Love.” Not the “Dating Game” kind of love, or Cupid.com. We are talking about “Oneness” and the intercession of Higher Mind operating as SELF. At some point one knows that they are “touching the hem” on the edge of the Universe and that particles and waves are dancing just as they should when all things are connected. One manner of describing it would be that in back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality and that reality is “Consciousness Conscious of Consciousness.”

In Reality all things are connected. This is true whether it be illusion or whether it be pure unobstructed Consciousness. This is because even illusion is communicating something, it is expressing the state of mind or the collective state of mind and Consciousness is “no respecter of persons” as it were. Consciousness, in its full complete state, does not know disorder or chaos or illness or fear or discomfort or anxiety or corruption or destruction. Absolute Consciousness (GOD) only knows itself and it is Infinite therefore there is nothing else. To us however, experiencing life as seeming independent agents of disability we perceive everything as we are able to perceive it, and what appears in a negative out-picturing is truly our looking through a glass darkly. But in our “man-state consciousness” we do not perceive “Reality” because we are not “upgraded” to perceive “the whole Truth.” We have our moments and we can “Work” toward that goal but we are still holding on to the duality that lets us experience this holodeck. Actually it doesn’t “let” us experience this duality but rather the film over our eyes and mind won’t let it be seen any other way. But as we progress toward understanding this “Uncertainty Principle” we find that though it appears as chaos and disorder “out there” we must come to understand that it truly is “within here.” The reason, however, that this is a good thing is because if it were really “out there” we would have no hope of it ever being changed by us. However, since it is projected from within us, all it takes is for us to change our consciousness and that aspect of reflection in our world is changed.

Of course we cannot set out to change the disordered Universe. We must pick some things and change our consciousness on those. We do this strategically by dealing with our own personal issues which are closest at hand and those that seem to bother us most directly or most often. That actually means we are closer to those memories or states of consciousness and can actually reach them, see them for the delusions that they are and let them go. In doing so, that part of our consciousness that previously had been agitated could now be at peace and feel that moment of quiet within.

The class experience, which is called “Closed Class,” is referred to as such, not because it is not open to just anyone, but because while the class goes on, the connection in consciousness is limited to the consciousness of the room. It becomes its own collective unconscious as it were. But this is true for all aspects of Consciousness. There is a “collective unconscious” that psychics, creative types, access for symbolism. A plethora of information, including our dreams, is retrieved that has been “stored” there simply because everything is thought therefore all of consciousness is available to those who can access it. Also the concept of order is one of consciousness therefore the “Infinite Variety” which expresses Consciousness can be experienced and dealt with in a variety of ways. So, the individual subconscious minds of the students in a Closed Class situation merge and create their own “Field” which transforms the creative input that operates within the Teacher’s class and it is more personal, more direct, more intuitive, and more powerful than your average seminar.

When a student attends a lecture or takes a class their consciousness is enrolled obviously because that is who they are in belief. That being the case, they are part of the consciousness of the Teacher and considering the subject matter of consciousness and change, the subconscious is automatically somewhat tuned in for the possibility of change. When the material is discussed in class it is like the subconscious minds of the students in attendance are more open to the mutation which can take place as ideas and feelings are often transformed like shining silverware or cleaning copper or polishing brass or cleaning gold. This is because there is a level of Oneness that occurs in class and as the mental activity of the Teaching is operating at a high register, the transmission of this Higher Energy just of necessity makes it easier for a metanoia (change in consciousness) to occur. Through a step by step process one is led through this maze of realization which entails facing and realizing the mirage of human thinking and the Truth in back of time, space and change that is just waiting to be understood. This is where Quantum Leaps of the mind take place. Misaligned or misunderstood ideas shift and fall into place beyond the bounds of ordinary human thinking. This is indeed the “speaking of the Word” or sometimes referred to as “Fire in the Mouth.” It is through this process that you experience Quantum leaps and bounds through a portal of Infinity.

Saga continues: Reflections of The World Around You!

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All of life is alive and abounds with the infinity of possibilities as a reflection of the One Mind which is the Source of all Reality. You are One with that Reality but perhaps you have not woken up to knowing that is your True Identity. As you read these chapters of a Mystical Journey you will begin a process of personal unfoldment as the Teachings here trigger recollection within your own consciousness and life will begin to unfold for you in a new and miraculous way.

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