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Reflections of The World Around You!

by Dr. Derek Lamar, QM21.com

The “portal of infinity” is not something you enter since you are already there. However, you do appear to enter it by opening up to it within your own consciousness. The concept of “mirrors” in Fourth Way study is common but there is more to it than what usually enters into that dialogue. The traditional approach by Gurdjieff was for us as students, to begin seeing others around us as mirrors that are reflecting things about us in what they do. Not simply just what “they do” but what they do which irritates us. This is because what irritates us is something we already do not like about ourselves.

In the beginning we want to simplify it because the whole concept is overwhelming to begin with. But we need to understand how this mysterious principle manifests itself in our lives. Again, it is based on the concept of Oneness. Reality, or the Universe, in an abstract sense is one gargantuan projection of Consciousness. What that means is that our view of what appears to be reality to us is a projection of our minds. This is true as “One” manifestation but also can be understood as the sum total of the collective unconscious as well.

(Left: facing oneself takes place in the "mirror of the mind" even though you can use a glass mirror perhaps to evoke other feelings.)

If you see a face on the moon as it hangs up there in space this is not necessarily a shape-shifting of molecular reality simply because you are a person of consciousness. Perhaps you see a face simply because it is a reflection on you at that moment within your consciousness and the light and dark shadows begin to look like something which is going on within your thinking. Everything is symbolic. Everything is reflecting something and not always the same to each and every person. If someone says “Hello” to you but you detect some negative connotation in their voice it does not mean that “YOU” made them talk a certain way. But then it doesn’t mean you didn’t. Who knows? The point is, “What did you interpret and what does it mean to you as a reflection?” Does it mean you think people feel superior to you because you feel inferior on some level? Does it mean you feel antagonistic toward that person or people in general?

These are not answers; they are questions. As one begins this path and proceeds on a journey like this they must ask many questions. Often these are questions one has never asked before. To those who live everyday behind a solid wall and separate people from their reality, these concepts are not only hard to understand, but they seem impossible, perhaps they seem childish and ridiculous. The more insane it seems the more resistant we are to accepting it as our reality.

(Above right, below and lower right: Feeling the turmoil and observing it will help you know what you are experiencing and what you need to let go of.)

Just fifty years ago it was common in classrooms or science magazines to talk about Einstein and theories of relativity or the ideas that everything is made up of atoms and molecules. And that despite the appearances revealed that nothing in the Universe is solid. When I was growing up we thought there was only one scientist for the most part and he was the smartest man in the world. Even his name became symbolic for “smart people” and you would say, “Who do you think you are, Einstein?” Hardly anyone knew about Schrodinger or Niels Bohr or Max Planck or even Nikola Tesla unless you had been to the Griffith Park Observatory and got to see the Tesla coil in action. Maybe we even got to see some girl‘s hair get all electrified and sticking out in all directions. But things are still moving along and Mind continues to unfold.

The 20th century was the “Atomic Age.” Mostly that was because of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan ending World War II. With that came a slew of science fiction films showing the fear of monstrous animals being malformed into radioactive behemoths bent on the destruction of Planet Earth. But now we are in the 21st century and it is the “Quantum Age.” This time there will be dozens of dvd’s coming out showing how humanity has been turned into “Quantum New Agers” yelling things like “thoughts have wings” and “there are no accidents” and you literally won’t know if you are coming or going. So what else is new? Of course there has been films like “The Matrix” and “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

(Left: Funny cartoon reflecting on how reoccurrence is a pattern in consciousness that can lead one to self-discovery. Asking yourself: "When did I first experience this pattern?)

(Right: Looking at oneself includes feelings as well as ideas but commonly they link to anger, fear, disappointment, sadness, depression, anxiety, confusion, etc.)

When the Star Trek TV Series began no one really knew about molecular travel or transporters. I remember when I was eight years old and went to my first movie theater and saw “The Fly.” I got my first glimpse of a transporter. It was called the “disintegrator-integrater.” I think first it was a piece of china that was tested. But the letters reading “made in England” were rearranged. That was the first bad sign. But on Star Trek, except for some early “accidents” which introduced the mental disorder of “transporter psychosis,” it went fairly smoothly. With the next series of Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was the advent of the “holodeck.” This was a holographic reality that could be suggested to the computer in a room called the holodeck and images would simulate reality, including the physical sense of reality, i.e., solid objects. It was like having a conscious dream. Or even “Lucid Dreaming.”

(Left: The "new man" or "new being" is juxtapositioned here with the "one's and zeroe's" that represent the programming of the computer: "garbage in, garbage out.".)

This, of course, is what we are faced with in this 21st century. We are now engaged in this discovery, and of ourselves, in a Universe that is now talked about as having “holographic properties.” This not only suggests, but means literally, that everything we have ever experienced or known was wrong and that now we must begin to understand that all of reality, or the appearances of reality are not third dimensional or a physical universe but actually it is holographic. What we perceive as our reality is a hologram. It is similar, of course, to Hamlet, where we hear those famous words: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” And in this “Quantum Age” comes the revision being: “There is nothing real or unreal, but it is thinking that makes it so.”

(Right: Einstein's famous quote: "God does not play dice with the Universe" is an archetype concept directly connected to the era of Quantum Metaphysics.)

Then a sort of madness comes from this illusion and without actually understanding humanity pretends to get it. We like this idea. We cherish this idea. We are seduced by this idea. To have anything we want merely at the whim or behest of a desire and we snap our illusory fingers and hear the crack of electrons bouncing off of the invisible walls and there before us is all we could ever hope to possess. But at some point we begin to ponder: “What is really tangible here in this newly found reality? What about us? Are we real? Or are we an illusion as well? Or am I real and everything else is an illusion?”

Even before Star Trek NG there was the film by George Lucas, “THX 1138” which takes place in the future and contains a lot of holograms. Its vision of the future is very Huxley and Orwellian and very dark and foreboding. But this doesn’t happen by accident. The polar opposites of manifestations or reflections of “reality” tend to adjust to our own misunderstanding of the reality of our selves. You see, we are not simply what we think ourselves to be. We have a “True” identity and this “identity” is one that is at its root Divine in nature. We are always real until we “fall asleep” as Gurdjieff would say. Then we lapse into a sort of mind numbed robot reality that can be visited in The Matrix.

(Left: The sky is the heaven within and facing it squarely is reminiscient of the "I AM" declaration.)

However, the film The Matrix is brilliant in its exposure of the illusions which Neo (Keanu Reeves) is forced to deal with and with the symbolic / literal need to “wake up” to what is going on around him. This is where we are rising up to now. We are waking up to the illusions of the world. Later we will be waking up to the illusions of humankind. Then we must wake up to the illusions of our own sense of personal reality. At that point we will have no one else left to blame for our “sleep state” but our own fear of the Truth of our existence as Consciousness. But if we begin to wake up on a personal level the illusions of others and of the world will have less control over us as we continue to follow our own Destiny.

(Right and Below: The Mind as Consciousness and the myriad of connections which reflect our "thinking" and the multidude of machinations of the brain/mind reality is what we must deal with daily.)

“Opposites attract” and “like attracts like” seem to be contradictory terms and yet they are both explaining the same outpicturing that takes place in the unfolding of our minds and their subsequent conclusions in the world, our world: the illusion we find ourselves attempting to unravel. Principle: meaning the mental functioning or expression of Absolute Consciousness, or the Quantum Mind, if you will, or the Atman in its purest connection with all that is ONE… is real in the knowing of IT-SELF. In the Ultimate Beingness of what is real there is only Oneness that can only “do” one thing. It can only express because it can only “BE.” This “Beingness,” though is All ONE, can be interpreted by the human consciousness as expressing itself out and back to itself. It gives itself to itself therefore it receives itself simultaneously by itself. There is no way to communicate this as it really is because we are engulfed in a mindset of duality where everything is altered or disturbed by “time, space and change.”

But if you take your right hand and with your finger touch your left hand you will be touching and being touched at the same time. You will be giving and receiving at the same time. You will be expressing yourself “out” and receiving yourself “back” at the same time; simultaneously; in the NOW. All of this will be taking place in the NOWNESS of the moment within which I am clumsily attempting to describe to you. This is as close to Reality as I can create in words on paper. But in addition I might add that it would be happening as Infinity which is Whole, Complete, Perfect, Harmonious, etc. and known totally by SELF. There is no space between those atoms and molecules and you cannot drive a screwdriver between the particles and waves where a spark of light bursts forth because such things are within the imagination of the “human mind” and not occurring within ONE Perfect Consciousness.

And yet out of this ONE Consciousness there is the creative expression that we know and have experienced even if only in limited ways. One of those is the mirroring effect that takes place constantly and within our daily lives as we thrust ourselves into our belief in duality and feel the separation that appears to exist between ourselves and our supposed reality. It can be bliss or depressing, fun or painful, exciting or terrifying, all of which ultimately is our own choice and yet the button to turn it off seems so far away to us most of the time. It sometimes feels like madness even when we think this state is normal and yet, though it seems more accelerated at times in the current world we live in, this is only because we are getting closer to understanding what it is all about and who we really are inside.

The expression “there are no accidents,” often mentioned by metaphysician Lillian DeWaters, or the statement “I don’t believe in coincidences” by Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS or by George Noory on “Coast To Coast Radio,” refer us to a realization that there is something more going on behind the “curtain.” When a person runs through a red light and slams into another car that has pulled out into the intersection, there is a quirky kismet that is taking place. In human terms you are to blame because you ran through the red light but on a Cosmic level both parties are engaged in a reflection. They are attracting each other simply because whatever it is they each are going through on a subconscious level meets at that corner at that place and time. Each person attracted the other and it mirrors a state of consciousness. What that is doesn’t matter. Transportation is an -expression of communication however, so perhaps there is something going on there within each individual that has nothing to do with the other person in the other car and yet, there they meet. “There are no accidents” and this event is the “back” of what they have each put “out” as a subconscious expression of their consciousness.

(Left: Consciousness is the "final frontier" for the homo sapien and the journey of self-discovery.)

This seeming duality is in affect as seemingly negative but its counterpart of Principle, meaning “out and back” is the ongoing expression of Truth, Reality, Oneness. The process for one desiring to release him or her self from the bonds of the negative side to this is to engage in a learning about the “Self” and discovering who they are and engaging in "The Work” within and letting go of inner conflicts. As these conflicts are resolved, the power they have over the self is eliminated and positive expression returns to that area within the subconscious mind that was previously blocked by erroneous beliefs and feelings. Instead of running into a car, you may find yourself running into an old friend you had longed to connect with instead.

Saga continues: Secrets of The Universe!

Without entering into the Self and increasing your awareness of who you are is like living in the world without experiencing a microscope. There is so much going on which not only affects your life, your future and your Destiny but the unfoldment for all of humankind rests upon the inner "Work" that we all do. Discover the "Secrets of the Universe" and realize that it is all going on in Consciousness.

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