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by Dr. Derek Lamar, QM21.com

You are a computer! Does that offend you? Did you think that you were some sort of “free thinking” non-aligned bastion of genius uncommitted to the thoughts of others or anything else? Have you ever known someone who was so screwed up that you and others agreed that, “If nothing else, they are consistent.” Why is this? Are we “FREE THINKERS” or are we “Automatons”? How do we become the way we are if in fact we have no choice? Most people refuse to take responsibility for their problems and yet they wonder why they cannot get out of the seemingly endless daily confusion and hard times they find themselves in.

(Right: Translating the language of the Mind in the mind of reality. The mind is filled with symbols and the shapes of consciousness live forever.)

We basically have two choices to believe: either (1) everything is whatever it is and that accidents or non-intention is the rule of cosmic law that governs our lives, or (2) there is a fixed Absolute through which life is governed and we call that “Reality”. But how could we have a “fixed cosmic law” that only operated as an accident or as random. That randomness would begin to repeat at some point and that would become a pattern that was fixed or if it were infinite then Infinity would become the Absolute by which “Reality” is governed. On the other hand, if there is one Absolute Reality, where is our free will and all of the creativity we have heard about?

(Right below: The sacred geometry of Higher Understanding is a distant memory in our minds.)

If randomness was “reality” then we could have no science. We could do nothing to alter our future or predict weather conditions. We couldn’t get on the freeway because there would be no certainty that it would still be there or that it would continue going where it went last time. It seems that as humans we believe in “absolutes” or “certainty” or “consistency” up to a point until we want change and then we decide that “change” is our choice and we can change things “sometimes”. But what is any of this based on other than seeing reality as we wish to see it? Could that be our “reality”?

(Right: Millennia slides along and the rocks still cry out.)

The important thing to understand is that in back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality. However, this is not simply a formula that floats around the Universe bumping into black holes and drifting around dwarf stars. This formula is the “Essence” which when translated into our way of thinking actually IS our thinking, our consciousness, our being. This includes both thoughts AND feelings. But if our reality isexperienced based on what we believe it to be, then what we experience will not only be altered by our belief but it will be consistent in our thoughts whether or not we choose it to be that way. My reality and your reality and someone else’s reality may be essentially different but they still all operate within the ONE REALITY that makes all of this happen. And by “happen” I am speaking about the world as we experience it.

(Right: The Mind is Consciousness and Consciousnes is Beingness: the Essence of Divinity.)

Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, or Quantum Physics as we are beginning to understand it has displayed seeming anomalies that cause researchers to realize that the “mind”, or “consciousness”, actually has an affect upon the workings of our Universe. I have been using the term “Quantum Metaphysics” since around 1986 when we opened our first school, The Ontological Learning Center. The point to “Quantum Metaphysics” is to understand that our Universe IS consciousness and that we are part of the Universe, therefore WE are consciousness. All of the other “attributes” which get thrown around apply in this case as it pertains to this Universe. It is Absolute and it is Infinite and it is Consciousness.

In understanding the Infinite Universe as Consciousness, we must also realize that this Absolute Consciousness is One. It is One and it cannot be divided up into parts. However, being Absolute, it expresses itself as Infinite Variety. This variety is not a part of the whole but rather a perception of the whole in an infinite variety of ways. This is where “Life” comes in. All of the Universe is “Life” and it is the only LIFE in Reality. Again, it is Infinite and expresses itself in infinite variety. But being that it is Reality and it is ALL there is, it is in total and absolute agreement.

(Right: The collapse of ideas is the reorganizing of our thoughts, the refiling of our sense of Self.)

The one dilemma is when our sense of independent self comes into play and we do not see the “Whole” picture and we start forming conclusions based on “separateness” instead of “Oneness” and then our version of “reality” becomes clouded or altered. Being that this “Reality” is ALL there is, it being a “closed system”, it requires equal balance and order because that is the nature of an infinite fixed reality. If you fill a glass with water half way and you tilt it, you can see that the space taken by the water shift and suddenly you are given equal amounts of space for the air where the water has shifted. Just in that simple experiment you will see Oneness expressed. This is what the entire Universe does and as consciousness this is why our thoughts create our interpretation of our Universe and “we get back what we put out”. In other words, what we think and believe becomes the experience in what we call our world. Sometimes what we think and believe is simply our subconscious mind and sometimes it is part of the collective unconscious. In either case it is all part of the Whole.

(Right: A vortex of the turbulence of thinking burst forth with new ideas.)

Some of you are probably already resisting this as a concept. But let me ask you this: “Is there anything you can THINK of that is not a thought in your mind?” Is there anything that you KNOW or BELIEVE in, that is anything to you other than a “thought”? Oh you think the roads are asphalt and the sidewalks are cement and the sun is a gaseous cloud of fire and that the moon is made of green cheese but isn’t the only reality to any of these ideas your thoughts about them? Isn’t the reality to the definitions of those “things” still just thoughts within your mind, within the mind of the collective, within the MIND of INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS? Is not everything you believe simply your thoughts about it?

Your entire existence (Being) simply breaks down to Rene Descartes’ realization of “Cogito Ergo Sum”. I think therefore I am. Therefore you AM what? You are “thinking”. You know you exist. In order for you to think that you do not exist, you must be able to think that. And then again realize that you do in fact, in truth, exist. Everything after that is simply “your thoughts” about it. But your first thought is the correct one. You exist. You Be. You are Being and Being is the infinite reality of existence and of awareness which translates as thinking or Consciousness.

(Right: The subtleness and intensity of Mind Unfolding is a process of stepping out of the way of our "human thinking" and allowing our Divine Self to speak forth the "Word" of that which is Real.)

One of the biggest most incredible realizations that one can have within the realm of illumination is the understanding that “you are Mind and that Mind is all there is”. It is a moment of dizzy expectations I am sure, but imagine for a moment, without the beads, that you are sitting at the beach watching a sunset and have that sense of Oneness with all that is and then realize that as you perceive what you are seeing that you are in fact one with the consciousness that you are actually perceiving. You are the sun setting. You are the ocean going in and out and frothing at the shore, crashing and misting. You are the sky and the sand and you are every grain of sand from this side of the planet to the other. Then you hear a voice within your consciousness that speaks the words: “…move a grain of this sand and you will have changed the shoreline forever.” And instantly you know this is true because you understand the Oneness of it all.

(Right: Particles and waves, atoms and molecules, thoughts and feelings, all represent the myriad of the Universe as it inhales and exhales Eternity.)

Even if this is true, you are asking, “what does it have to do with me?” It has to do with “reality”. When you have a problem or a circumstance that is other than what you want, how do you deal with it? Often we don’t even know how to deal with a situation. Oh, we could do what other people do in similar situations but maybe that won’t work. Maybe what they did worked for them, but where is the guarantee it will work for you? Maybe you don’t really have to do anything at all. I mean, it is all consciousness, right? It is all in your mind. If it is all in your mind then all you have to do is think differently and it will change. But is it that simple? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

(Right: A Nebula of nothing amidst all this is everything reflecting the pinpoint of Infinity that can be found in a single thought.)

You cannot change reality. You cannot make 2 + 2 = 5 when 2 + 2 = 4. But what is it you want to change? You probably wouldn’t want something to change, necessarily, unless there was some negative aspect affecting you. Maybe you need more money, which means that you believe that you do not have enough money. Maybe you want a job that is more creative and you wish to express yourself completely. In that case you must see that your job is not fulfilling to you. Maybe you are lost and you don’t know which way to turn. Maybe you wish that you had better health because you are tired all of the time. Maybe you wish that you were not sick. All of these thoughts are what is called “sense testimony.” It is what your senses tell you about yourself and your world. These are things that you believe. You believe them so you think they are true but what exactly is Truth? We have been discussing the Universe and Reality so something about that must be the Truth. The Truth is, that we have discovered here, is that you are Consciousness, which is all there is. You are MIND. This mind is ALL therefore it is whole, complete and perfect. If it were not ALL, it would not be perfect. But you cannot be more than Infinite therefore Perfect is what reality is. The only thing that makes reality “seem” imperfect is our false perception of reality. Because the Truth is that “Reality” is whole, complete and perfect.

(Right: Translating the language of the Mind into the Mind of reality. The mind is filled with the illusion of memories and the focus of Light.)

But if Truth is Reality and Reality is Truth and Truth is perfect, why is there so much imperfection? I remember when I first started my studies I heard about Oneness and just didn’t get it. I sort of didn’t want to GET IT. I was still trying to figure out myself and finding out that I was going to have to give up a self that was only a part of who I was, well, it just wasn’t the answer I was looking for. I felt so unimportant I wanted to BE important. I felt so stupid I wanted to BE SMART. I felt so alone I wanted to BE WANTED. I didn’t want to find out I was just a spec of dust in the Universe being absorbed by the ALLNESS and sucked into a vacuum of Reality where who I was just wouldn’t matter at all.

(Right: We think we know but we do not know. We feel we understand but still we are confused. We waste so much time not seeking and when we seek we walk the paths on the outside of the answers.)

However, I came to understand that I wasn’t lost in the shadow of the imperceptible. I came to understand that I was the shadow. By my own standing in the way of the Light of Truth I was casting a shadow over all that I thought I knew. I came to understand that it was my own thinking that was turning Reality into duality and thus turning what would be True and Perfect into what was perceived as false and imperfect. That being the process, I was getting back what I was putting out. As long as I believed I was unimportant, only emptiness could be felt inside of me and though I perceived the process of trying to be that great rock and roll star, I only continued to discover proof that indeed I was unimportant.

(Right: When we release ourselves into the arrival of who we really are there is a moment of Illumination. We sense its importance and hold on only to then feel the fear of losing ourselves. And it is gone.)

I came to understand that it was more in the mathematics than in some Hari Krishna Universe. It was the need to realize that as long as I believed in something less than Wholeness I was going to perceive unwholeness and anything less than real was going to be unreality. There is only one “Truth” in the mathematical sense, but there is a plethora of opportunities where one can fall short of the goal of realizing the template of Whole Complete Perfect Reality that we are working toward understanding. Suddenly things started making sense. If I thought I wasn’t going to get a job I needed to look at what I believed about it deep inside. If I felt like I wasn’t good enough for the job, I had to let that emotional reaction go. I had to know the Truth that in Reality I AM whole, complete and perfect and that in Reality all of the Universe is employed. How can Reality not be fully employed? The Truth is a perfect Reality and it is the one in which I AM totally recognized for who I AM. There is no number in infinity that is not used over and over again and ready and able for the next mathematical formula, audit, recipe, astrological configuration, scores, tire pressures, miles per gallon… numbers. It is all numbers, and they are all perfect and they are not working against you. They are working for you. They are complete and all in alignment, and ready to fall into place perfectly.

Saga continues: Connecting The Invisible Dots

Self-Discovery is not a one person event. The process touches many, many others. There are no others in the real sense, but again, there is infinite variety continuing the ongoing experiment in Reality. This Reality continues because it has no choice. It simply must "Be" and "Be" drawn into the Matrix from which it originated.

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