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 8:45  to 9:00  prior to class

Oct. 25, 1997 at Giza ~ Spiritual Web Chat



























 Derek Lamar


     Q.M.I. wishes to thank all of the above for their participation.

(SWC: Spiritual Web Chat, a very popular chatroom which no longer is available)
GODinabox< Blessings.
suy< Hello
UhaneLoa..blessings to you
UhaneLoa< Richard: It helps me alot!
RichardKula< It is 9:00 and we should start. There are a few things I wish to explain first.
heathen< greetings all, from a soulless Godless one
UhaneLoa< LALA! Careful! There be da big cat in here! Heheheh!
Caelum< Blessings of the night sky to you Richard!
RichardKula< My name on the chat room as many of you know is RichardKula... a nickname as most of you. On my website many other people realize that in fact I am Derek Lamar, Director of Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute (then A.R.T. Absolute Research Technology.) I will cont.
RichardKula< This is much in a way of a theatrical production. It is for entertainment and learning. It is not for someone to pretend that they are God. It is to examine the idea of God, issues, questions we have always wanted to ask... and Derek Lamar plays the role tonight in this production. Since RichardKula, Derek Lamar, and GOD in a box are all the same person... you won't be seeing much of anyone but God *s* I will cont.
RichardKula< I know as do all of you that God cannot be confined to a box, and yet we all do it. Each of us has GOD in a box, some bigger, some smaller, whatever our belief is, even non-belief, that becomes the box we put GOD in. I will cont.
RichardKula< I wish for God to be presented in as much an Absolute level as possible so there will be a need from time to time for myself to extrapolate certain concepts just as there are different levels to this adventure and as we climb Jacob's Ladder we see things differently as we cont. I will cont.
samsara< hello everybody
RichardKula< In a way this is a form of channeling but I am not implying a direct link between myself and GOD and yet we always maintain that link in Reality. I think we can start now, but before "I AM" is speaking I imagine there may need to be some questions addressed you may have before we start... so please ask and then we will give GOD the floor as well as the box. LOL
samsara< Richar Kula is something strange?
RichardKula< How do you mean samsara.
SageWoman< hi Richard, sorry I'm late,
RichardKula< /topic GOD in a box... an ever expanding belief system
samsara< Richard please tell me what is Kula
RichardKula< This is indeed an honor the SageWoman is here tonight. And though there is some curiosity, she appears
mostly out of LOVE. Bless you.
lion< Namaste All!
RichardKula< Since there are no questions at this time I will introduce GOD......... in a box.
Yopo< Greetings, good souls...
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Yopo< Greetings, good souls...
RichardKula< You will be speaking to your own HIGHER SELF! That is the God in the box.
GODinabox< I am YOU.
lion< Yes, Richard ... such is my experience too!
GODinabox< All experiences are God... Truth..........SPIRIT.
Bink< .Bink waves and smiles to Yopo, Legs, Sagewoman, and everyone.
GODinabox< I AM LOVE and I Love You All for you are me as I am you and Love is all there is.
Yopo< Howdy, Bink...
GODinabox< I am Bink, Lion, Channeler, Samsara Mick, Suy, SageWoman, RichardKula, Yopo, Legs, heathen,
Surrender, Caelum and Derek Lamar and all there is for I AM ALL.
lion< God as SPIRIT speaks through all of us at all times. However, we are free to choose the "box" that limits this
expression through us in flesh.
RichardKula< Truth... as it is often referred to is simple. But do not be confused ... the most complex the question... the answer may be simple or complex... who knows... often the human complicates things because it gives him big problems to solve.... but in REALITY all is simple.
lion< I'll play the Devil's advocate ... LOL! OK GOD, what is the purpose of life?
Bink< Bink whispers to lion, how can an image be free to do anything other than reflect? *smile*
GODinabox< This is true for I am all expressions of myself not limited to any one aspect over another for I am infinite variety expresses Myself to Myself infinitely.
Yopo< (*eyeing the box with some suspicion*)
Bink< infinite individuality...
lion< Indeed Bink, INDEED!
GODinabox< A reflection is the female aspect of the everflowing male/female principle I am expressing out and back to myself. I express and I am reflect for I see myself in myself just as I see myself in you and you in me and you in each other for all is ONE.
lion< ... and infinite ONENESS as well.
Bink< Mind and its idea....
GODinabox< We are suspicious of ourselves only because each one of us must recognize that ultimately we are all alone as
the one and it is a big question there before us as we are... and we question it... we must always question... this is the way of
the seeker... but truth is both the question and the answer and we must not forgo one for the other.
lion< OK GOD, then why does SPIRIT always come across as feminine to me in my personal experience?
Channeler< GODinabox: You say that truth is simple. Is that not an assumption, and thus an inappropriate basis for
discourse? God's truth may indeed be simple to him, but what is simple to the cowboy may not be simple to the cow.
GODinabox< The purpose of life is to be God and express oneself to oneself infinitely.
Caelum< Richard/Derek/God...I agree with you in that we make things much harder then they need to be.
GODinabox< This feminine aspect is a nurturing receptive aspect of the unconscious which you feel most comfortable with and the love it brings to you lion.
lion< And ... inpractical terms, how does this apply to each of us as individuals?
lion< Do you distinguish between the trio ... conscious, unconscious, and superconscious?
GODinabox< It is only important that if we want to know about GOD Channeler that we want to know about TRUTH. And truth is as simple as 2 + 2 = 4. This mathematical principle is As Above, So Below, it is principle, it is Out and Back, it is male/female, it is God, it is simple.
Bink< IMHO, an idea cannot is not and can not become the Mind that spawns it. therefore, IMHO, the purpose of life is to learn what we are, Mind's infinite idea, and demonstrate this in our living, through expressing Mind's, Love's qualities.
Caelum< Okay Richard/Derek/God, Godinabox, or whoever...is there a difference between the reality of infinity and the infinity of reality? With reference to the box of course.
GODinabox< In God there is only SupraConsciousness... it is aspects of the Consciousness expressing itself as Principle and human through a state of duality divide things up and though there is truth to it as truth is all there is it can become an illusion if the whole truth is not seen.
GODinabox< You needn't be humble. It is I speaking through me as you are me. I must speak through Richard. Please bear...
lion< Bink: Do not all ideas come from the ONE MIND, the ONE consciousness? I have no experience of my mind
spawning anything. It receives and observes ... but I am not aware of it ever creating of its own.
RichardKula< We as individuals are the awakening of ourselves as God. This does not mean God is changing... do not even think of God in anthropomorphic terms. I will cont.
lion< Bink. Is not the purpose of life to BE what we are, rather than to "learn what we are". Though it is through increased awareness that we become whom that we truly are, a part of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.
Bink< lion, exactly right. notice I capitalized the word mind, as a synonym for God. I was commenting on the idea that both you and I *are* God. not IMHO. and, GIAB, IMHO, 'i' *must* be humble! :-))
Bink< lion, again, yes. we learn to be what we already are in actuality. through increased awareness of what IS.
RichardKula< As we dicovers ourselves where we are at this point in time, on the edge of a Quantum Leap, we are waking up to our Divinity. This Divinity is the I AM. Not I am a part of God... that is our limitation because we are only partly waking up just as a rose unfolds its bloom. But as we awaken... we discover this I AM which is already fully awaken and BEING as Infinite Consciousness... but always understand that it is not human, but we are divine... our humanness is an illusion. Though religion has taught us we can only be vessels for God, all Masters have discovered the "Father and I ARE ONE." This is not a spiritual mystery... but Truth for us to discover... not make it happen.
LEGS< So Richard/Derek you see God as a collective conciousness?? a conglomerate that is made up of many cells in many places many atoms in many places, many thoughts/ideas/beliefs in many places... but not as a separate entity -- a Supreme Being that is in charge of all of these places that seek emulataion of that Supreme Being???
lion< OK Bink, just wanted to make it a bit more obvious. :)
GODinabox< God does not give birth to God except in the poetic sense. What appears as birth is a realization of the Truth which as always been there. Imagine that the Earth is the edited version of Heaven and wait til all the outtakes are release in their full extended production.
GODinabox< ROTFL
Caelum< Nobody answered my question.
Bink< lion, to put it simply, we *awaken* to our true being.
GODinabox< in a box.


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