Nov. 16,1997

This event unfolded just as you can read the transcription here:
Presence> is here. Please stand by - - -
Presence> Being One with God...
Presence> /topic First Oneness meeting -- Thanks for Joining!
Presence> God knows God...
Presence> God does not need description...
Presence> There is no one else but God...
*Presence*> Hello, everyONE, had server problems, I'm back!
*Presence*> is here...
SCOREPIO> Hello! my friend. :-)
*Presence*> {{{{{SCOREPIO}}}}}!!!! Welcome!! :)
*Presence*> {{{{{RichardKula}}}}} Welcome!!!! :-)
RichardKula> Hello Presence... I apologize for being late... apparently alarm clocks and posts it are not enough. It is especially appropriate since I was angry last night on line because someone thought "discipline" was unnecessary for "the path."
*Presence*> Richard... that is OK... just the three of us have shown up until now... I am expecting Oneness to be here any minute...
RichardKula> I posted oneness in the private room but did it upper/lower case and ended up simply creating a new room.
*Presence*> *LOL* Yes!... I just found out the room's names are case sensitive!... I had to stick to "oneness" since this was the name I originally proposed to Oneness author when we arranged this meeting... shall we start?
RichardKula> I AM ready
*Presence*> Hello, JUNE! {{{{{{HUGS}}}}} ------{--{@
JUNE> Hello..sorry i am late...Thanks for calling, Angel.
*Presence*> We all are late, dear June! *G*
JUNE> {{{{{Presence}}}}} Thank you..*S* Tell me what colour is it?
*Presence*> colour?
JUNE> Presence...the rose *S*
JUNE> Hello, Beth...I have been missing you all over the place this week. *S*
*Presence*> *oh!* How about yellow! *S*---- OK, guys.... thanks for coming. The Oneness author should be here any minute. But I propose to start today's discussion from the "concept" of God.
Beth> good morning all...thanks to Richard and SCOREPIO...and thank you Presence and ((((((JUNE)))))))
*Presence*> Welcome, Beth!!! *S*
*Presence*> Well?...
SCOREPIO> Hey you are the boss! :-) :-) I am all ears today? :-)
RichardKula> I think we need to understand whether we are to interact or wait for the cue from you Presence.
*Presence*> One of the first things that lead me to Oneness realisation is to comprehend that I have been stuck in illusion all my "life". Therefore, I was not able to comprehend God. But I think this is a gift open to all. It does not matter whether I decide to keep living in illusion or not, this fact will not alter things.
JUNE> Richard..Noti is a he. *S* Next time you see him tell him I am fine.
*Presence*> We all as mankind base all of our actions on illusion. But, as Dr. Nkwocha puts it, "The mind of man is the same as the Mind of God, the only Mind there is. Therefore, man remains forever not the man of
wordly consciousness, but in reality at one with and the same as God, in whom there is no separation or appellation. For man does not exist; only God exists. God alone accounts for all existence"...
JUNE> ooops sorry about that, guys...just wok up and I am fuzzy...forgot the /mesg
*Presence*> I was always worried with definitions. Definitions created within religion or phillosophy. The
God from the Catholics...the Un-God from diallectic materialism. But God is beyond definitions. Our language is so limited, our symbols and semantics so short -since they are born from illusion. Quoting again, "God does not need description. He/She is, and can be known only as such, for God knows God, and only God".
SageWoman> Hi everyone I was drumming up some business, well actually I was just being lazy. Honesty is good for the soul.
RichardKula> I do not know the "rules" to this event, but I will speak at this time to say that I agree with the stated conclusions. I first heard about Oneness in 1967 but it was not until it meant anything to me other than human unity until 1971.
Branwen> Greetings *s*, just go on....
*Presence*> Most of us have grown up with a god of vengeance, a god we have created based on our fears. We have been projecting these fears, this insecurity, but "That is not God".
Branwen> But if I am the same as "God" and you are too, am I the same as evryone then?
*Presence*> Richard--all: No rules!... Please add your comments or questions as we go along...
RichardKula> Thank you Presence: we are not the same as everyone because there is no everyone. There is but the ONE.
*Presence*> Branwen- Yes, for there is no such thing as "others". This only fuels up the idea of being separated and divided, rooted "not in God at all but in the illusory idea of separation and uniqueness. God has no plurality and could not be the basis of such".
AXA> Could someone explain me : What is Oneness???
*Presence*> Our wordly mental set describes God as a nepotist, by ethnic lineage and doctrinal persuasion. But God "is not defined by nor does He/She belongs to any denomination, has no citizenship, and neither sanctions nor disapproves of any institution, political or racial. In fact, He/She has no involvment whatsoever in these illusory trappings"...
*Presence*> AXA- We are about to get there. But Oneness means "state of being one with -"
RichardKula> Oneness is the state at which all is in agreement, whole, complete.... not divided into duality or separateness.
Branwen> I didn't grow up with a religion but myself, allthough I was fascinated by it. What struck me was that all Gods represented the belive in what virtue and love. God is this thought made flesh (in illusion of course). For me god just means belief, hope, faith, to me it is just a word. What does this word means in oneness?
ava> Namaste to all of you. Is it not so that we all are a part of god?
*Presence*> So I spend many years devoted to this little god, years in fear and terror, until I came to believe a Power greater than myself could not contradict Him/Herself. But In fact, God hold no "power" because "there is impied opposition or resistance. The god that has or needs power has his work cut out for him; he needs more than power; he needs at least good luck too, for his burden is great and his job risky with treachery. Not so God, who is One and who is harmony, who has neither opposite nor parallel nor alternate".
Roanna> Presence, what about human sacrifice or murder, surely God does not condone such things.
RichardKula> To God, there is no death... for in fact Eternal Life is the Oneness of Reality
RichardKula> Violence is within our human consciousness which we haven't resolved and falls into the category of illusion until we "realize" Oneness (perhaps a mustard seed step at a time).
Branwen> I don't believe in Christian, Moslim or African gods, I believe in myself and in others. There is an energy that binds us all, something like love or life!
Roanna> So if I realized Oneness, would I still want to eat meat? Slaughter houses are nasty places.
*Presence*> For me, the word God has a very strong charge of the previously mentioned attributes. But "When and how did God command obedience or obeisance? When did God demand that bodies humble themselves, bruise their knees and imperil their poor fragile joints in order to extract His mercies? Where did God ask for alms and tithe, for exotic edifices and guilded accountrements, and what use has He for all that anyway? Who can say that God has asked for blood or the burnt flesh of organic life and for what reason, for what effect? Yet the shameful myth of the judgement of God (of the word itself: "god") pervades wordly teachings. The world may demand and practice judgement with characteristic and invariable injustice, but God has no use or need for judgement. There is nothing else and no one else but God; there is therefore nothing, no one, to judge. How could love judge, anyway?"
RichardKula> In Oneness there is oneness supplying nutrition to self... it is Oneness giving and receiving to self. Our sense of sustinence is based on separateness yet since truth is all there is in Oneness even our illusion conforms to certain avenues of reality.
*Presence*> Human sacrifice, murder, eating meat? this and more belongs to the world of illusion.
ava> I agree with you, Branwen. But most people fear real deep love. So they created a god, so this god is responseble for everything. The moment you realize YOU are responseble you can feel the energy of love and God.
*Presence*> "Not only there is no separation, but equally important, there is no separate system; there is no alternate system to God. There exists no other mind than God. God has no opposite, neither in an antonymical nor in antitheoretical sense"
SageWoman> "When you are one with yourself, you will be one with everything. It is that simple" (The Way is Within)
*Presence*> ava- correct!
*Presence*> SageWoman- Beautiful! *S*
Branwen> I know we can attain great things with the mind, but some moments I go back to animals, our family that can't worrie about these things; they eat and murder in order to stay alive and I wonder if they feel one. I
think that humans are animals with something important and nasty to deal with: their thoughts!
RichardKula> People do fear deep LOVE because that is Oneness... we think intellectually that we would not fear love but it can be very threatening. It destroys the walls we have built to protect ourselves. Once these walls come down we must not face others, that is not so threatening, we must face ourselves. In Reality this is no frightening thing but to most facing the self means we must acknowledge all of the negative things we believe about ourselves.
Branwen> Sagewoman, I completely agree *bs*
Oneness Event continues here in Part II      Oneness... Part II

          Nov. 16, 1997


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