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Infinity's Alright far as it goes!

by Dr. Derek Lamar, Ph. D., Msc. D. metaphysicist

The concept of infinity is an understanding that can bring on revelation all by itself. By itself, but only in connection with your thinking. Infinity is basically a mathematical concept as far as how the world perceives the meaning. But the meaning transcends arithmetic. This is because we find numbers in everything. Infinity is generally avoided in religious discussions because it almost automatically dispels certain myths and dogmas, especially when the meaning of infinity is understood. When an understanding takes place, it follows that we can make conclusions on that understanding. When conclusion are made as a result of understanding infinity, a funny thing happens... expansion.

Psalms 147:5 "Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite."

The very nature of infinity expresses expansion. In Absolute terms there can be NO EXPANSION because infinity is already.

Completeness exists already in Reality. However, to expand expresses on-goingness which expresses infinity. To not be on-going is to be in a stopped position or to be ended. This would only serve to express the human factor: finite. Expansion then not only relates on-goingness but also unfoldment.

Infinity means Allness. When religion has to deal with God as infinite, Allness is generally discarded. It becomes hidden in words like Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient: all powerful, everywhere present & all knowing... Omni meaning All. But the Allness of anything creates problems for the finite mind. When Allness is understood, it is realized that nothing can go beyond it. You don't have to be able to cognize infinity itself in order to realize the principle or concept of infinity. You can understand that 2+2=4 without understanding E=Mc2. You can understand that infinity is all, even if you don't see Allness when you realize this. Realization will continue to expand... obviously... as does continuity and expansion express the Truth of infinity.
Infinity & space go hand in hand and this is the spiritual key which ties us to the
Cosmos in our pursuit of "Higher Thinking."
Allness of one thing, one idea, whatever, expresses that there can be nothing beyond whatever that is.
If it is God that is being discussed, if God is understood as infinite, then God is All. There can be nothing outside of infinity. There can be nothing outside of Allness, therefore God is All and All is God.

This isn't just a particular point of view, a personal opinion or belief. This is a state of consciousness. Not a temporary condition resulting from the belief in it, but the state that is Reality itself. This is Oneness. The human dilemma is that of duality. Duality is a result of more than "separateness" from God. It also is more than belief in "good & evil." It is the belief in contradictions that "good & evil" express. Truth and error do the same thing. Also our belief in a "higher self" will produce this erroneous state of consciousness. As I say "higher self" I am referring to the belief in the "perfect individuation" whereby we realize that we are a part of God. Parts again. Continual separateness. Division. Conclusions based on this "revelation" will not bring about Oneness. Allness is the One Mind of the One Higher Self. There are no separate selves other than our perception of our One Self as seen through our consciousness of duality.

Realizing that your individuation has its reality in perfection, or a perfect self individuated can be seen as a revelation for some, indeed it is an advanced realization over belief in the human self of imperfection, however, it is not the "whole" Truth, it is merely growing closer to reality. It is not reality itself. Reality is One Mind, without which there can be no thinking at all: separate, individuated, or otherwise.

A consciousness of duality demands that there be a conflict. Two different ideas. A sort of "twoness," instead of Oneness. Infinity cannot exist in this realm. Only finiteness. Instead of Allness we end up with someness. It is here that we begin forming conclusions based on lack whereby poverty becomes real and death reigns supreme. Finiteness is the belief in ending which carries with it as much bondage as does the freedom ushered in by realizing infinity. Allness expresses a completeness seldom understood in human terms and only glossed over in religious circles. Allness, Infinity, Completeness, represent the Wholeness of the only One True Reality which is the fundamental basis for all so-called miracles that are, or have ever occurred in Man's history. Healing is a result of the revealing of the perfect health that Wholeness represents. It's not that a healing doesn't take place, but rather it is a sort of healing of our consciousness, rather than an alteration of our physical bodies. A change in our awareness, a change in our perception, but not a change in True Reality which is changeless and perfect already.

Infinity is the standard by which Truth must be realized. It is the measuring line which cannot be measured. It is the distance that cannot be traveled and yet it must be spanned. It is the horizon that cannot be traveled and yet it must be spanned. It is the horizon that can never be seen but all that is visible to us is a result of how we paint our world through our understanding of it. Or our lack of understanding of it. But infinity is Truth. Infinity is so. What is, is going on... it is on-going or it would be ended. Finiteness is a disease in the human consciousness. This is because the human consciousness is duality which comes from believing in separateness to begin with.

Infinity does not know separateness. Infinity does not understand finiteness... there just is no sense to it. Allness cannot make room for limitations. There is perfect agreement in the Oneness of Infinity and where there is this perfect harmony, you cannot find conflict... whether it be separate selves or ideas that oppose one another.

When we realize Infinity we become our True Self: I AM THAT I AM. When we realize this state of consciousness, this True Reality, this Perfect Oneness, past troubles seem to hide from our eyes because we no longer have the consciousness that believes such things from a state of finiteness. We realize a new heaven and a new earth because the old heaven and the old earth was a mistaken point of view, a misinterpretation of a human consciousness based on duality. This will not be remembered because there is not Truth to it. Truth is infinite and that's alright... as far as it goes!

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