Diana... We Hardly Knew Ya'

1961          1997

by Derek Lamar

I feel it necessary to give a metaphysical interpretation of the Princess Diana issue. The onslaught of journalistic tabloid fanzine dribble ranging from idol worship to Royalty hatred does not come close to what has happened and what it was so many of us experienced. You will not be able to skim this and understand. It must be read with the thought of understanding something unusual and new. This isn't a tribute as much as a lesson. We have experienced spiritual change and, though there is sadness, I am hopeful in the direction that mankind seems to have been led.
The only way to deal with this is to do it on a metaphysical level. There is no logical manner in which to describe what we have all seen unfold. The logic of beingness in the ontological sense can be used to reveal certain truths, however, and it is that understanding that shall be my vehicle.
Let's begin by recognizing that world-wide, especially within the English speaking countries, there was an immediate response to Princess Diana's death. The reaction was almost instantaneous. I remember hearing the reports on the radio about the auto accident and that there were some deaths, but that Princess Diana, though injured, would be alright. It was unsettling but it was "just a radio report." But within the hour new reports came over the radio and it was established that there had been a terrible accident and Princess Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and the Chauffer had all been killed. I could feel a "physical shock" sweep over my body. It was an actual physical sensation: the beginning of a "link" to what would become a week long period of mourning for millions upons millions of people.

Princess Diana (1961 - 1997)

with Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

Captured together, each sharing themselves in their own way, totally unknowing how their lives will become linked in the minds of mankind during a time of transition.


When that many people share the same experience you have to recognize that there is something happening within consciousness on a collective level. We learned from Carl Jung about the collective unconscious of mankind and the multitude of symbols which we have used for hundreds of years. With this are concepts within the realm of kings and queens and in the arena of royalty where there is much represented to us individually and collectively.
Princess Diana represents the true nature of the female aspect of the everpresent ongoing yin/yang principle of androgyny as it relates to the out and back of the Cosmos. The female aspect is equally important, not as the opposite of male, but as the obverse, as in "the other side of the coin". We are just beginning to understand what is called Right Brain thinking and this relates to "femaleness". In symbolic terms it is the right side of the body which expresses maleness and the left side of the body which expresses femaleness. It also should be understood, to avoid confusion, that the right side of the brain actually governs the left side of the body while the left side of the brain governs the right side of the body. Even in this overlapping we can see a visual yin/yang, as it were, with both the left and the right together, to varying degrees, symbolizing the total inseparability of this mysterious androgynous principle. This is why right brain thinking actually pertains to intuive mind, dipping into the unconscious, psychic and female related ideas. Right brain thinking is akin to what used to be referred to as left handed thinking. It is an overlap similar to the "out and back" of principle itself; like a mobius... the eternal figure eight interwoven and enwrapped within itself expressing the great Infinity.
If it helps, we think of the heart as being on the left side of the body, and we often think of caring, love, nurturing, feeling, emotions, as being female. But it is not just the heart. It is far more involved than that. Even a geographical direction such as West symbolizes right just as East symbolizes left. The conscious mind is expressed as male and the unconscious is expressed as female. Just as intellect is male and feeling is female. None of this has to do with gender or sex as it is understood humanly. It has to do with principle. Principle is the formula of the Universe which expresses axioms... formulas... laws of mind science as it is in the highest sense just as "out and back" in the higher spiritual sense is the very same manifestation of "cause and effect" in the human realm of the world. "For every action there is an equal opposite reaction." This is to say that for every spiritual command issued forth as "OUT", there is an equal (agreement which fulfills, seemingly opposite, but inseparable) "BACK." This is the receiving of that command. In the spiritual sense you could anthropomorphicize it by saying: God said "Let there be light, and there is light." Which is to say that MIND issued forth the command of LIGHT BE and within Self that command is received and answered AND IT IS. This is Oneness. But through our human consciousness of duality we interpret Oneness, in a way, as a formula. One which is connected, but in a way which we can also divide, for the sake of our illusory desires until we can understand this inseparable element of Truth. A command is the same as a question since a question demands an answer. And the answer is the fulfillment. A question and an answer express two elements which compliment each other and fulfill each other. The question (command: let there be) expresses maleness and the answer (and it is) expresses femaleness.
We often pretend that we do not have the answer to a question but in Reality you cannot have a question without an answer. It is like a mathematical problem which already has the answer in existence. The pocket calculator is an expression of that. 2 + 2 = 4. This formula is also a question: what is 2 + 2? The answer: 4. But was not the answer 4 even before the question was asked? Just as the spiritual genius within Michealangelo spoke to him and he knew that there was a statue within the stone and his job was to reveal that which was already there.
(left) The future King of England: which one? Or could it be all three? The stars speak of unknown possibilities.

Our imbalance as humans is coming to a close as we begin to realize "Oneness." Princess Diana expresses the love, care, and nurturing aspects of true femaleness which mankind intuitively was attracted to, as a magnet has a force which pulls until there is contact (Oneness). Diana represented an expression of femaleness, not a woman expressing maleness as so many do. Diana was not passive nor playing second fiddle within her world, but she was free to issue forth an energy which was received by mankind as a healing force. This is the positive side of femaleness and this is the needed aspect of male/female principle which must be understood by the world at this crucial point in time. The fact that Princess Diana died at such an early age acted as a "shock" to the system of earth consciousness which did and still is experiencing the "LOSS" of this female aspect. In recognizing this loss, the collective can more readily assume an understanding, even if only unconsciously as first, of a mystery which it has been attempting to work out.

We have been operating in a female mode in different ways over the last 30 or so years, but this wrestling has become a battle within consciousness. This battle has reared its head in areas which we call the "battle of the sexes." We see it in our politics, we have it in our philosophies and religions, and the conflict manifests this emotional turmoil in wild weather patterns as well. It really wasn't so far off, though politically incorrect, to give feminine names to hurricanes. When you hear phrases like "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn" remember the current El Niño.

But our sense of loss was also finding something that we didn't know was there. Just as Gurdjieff said that we must recognize that we are asleep before we can wake up, we must realize the female aspect within ourselves that has been lost in order to find it again. To let it be revealed in a more cohesive form. In Reality there is no death. And it is quite possible that, as with John Lennon, it would be difficult for Diana to continue her life at that stage of her development, and what she was experiencing personally also coincided with what mankind needed collectively.

Princess Diana represents a certain level of spirituality. This is clear in how people have responded collectively as well as the multitude of stories which indicate a knowingness on Diana's part in individual meetings which she had with people. She was basically unrehearsed and conveyed herself in a simple, honest, and straightforward manner which provided a link for people to something higher for them which would allow a certain emotional healing if nothing else. She was sincere and genuine which in itself is "truth" and this too can aid in the healing process. This is because Truth in the absolute sense represents that realm which is perfect and there is nothing TO heal, but rather the transmutation which takes place does so in the understanding that Reality is whole, complete and perfect and "healing" expresses the realization of the "Perfect Health" which was always there but unseen.
If missing her becomes a catalyst for understanding, then honor will be bestowed upon her. If we simply deny our own connection and start building a statue which says that she was great compared to our own unworthiness, then we have failed to understand the connection we have to her and each other. We must recognize that what we thought we lost was our moment of finding ourselves, as consciousness, as we continue to unfold... step by step... level by level... until we all realize a legend that never dies.
We need to understand what "being" is. Just as Moses had a revelation of "I AM THAT I AM" and the AM is the same as a BE....... as in LIGHT BE..... it should be understood that this is the root of Reality. Beingness, as in Ontology: the Science of Being, is the absolute essence of that which makes up all that we perceive and it even requires of us to be Beingness recognizing itself in order that anything be cognized. Perhaps all on an unconscious level, but it is Beingness at work. This does not mean the simplistic level of primal, but rather the simple as in Truth. Just as simple mathematical calculations within the building of a pyramid and yet so revealing in its spiritual essence, design and potential power of symbology and engineering. Or in the designs of a Frank Lloyd Wright in his architecture as he drew upon the styles of Egyptian, Mayan, Incan and Aztec as well as his own ability to reach deep within his own creativity to be able to not only manifest buildings which are attractive to the eye, but which exude a spirituality through simplicity. Man complicates things to impress himself of his own ability and importance, but the spiritual master always understands the meaning of simplicity.
And it was this Beingness we experienced as it relates to Princess Diana. It was a total acceptance of Beingness. It was very uplifting to realize that what we were actually experiencing was the beginning of what we have been predicting for decades: the Quantum Leap. It was becoming a little depressing to imagine how mankind, collectively, could ever get together on a level of consciousness wherein it could be open to a leap in consciousness. But here was this incident wherein great masses of people were linked on an unconscious level, in a collective fashion, and totally open and "in a state of prayer" as it related to BEINGNESS. I am ever encouraged that there is a much more widespread connection as we approach, not only the Millennium, but that point in time (?) wherein we shall, in the twinkling of an eye, make that great leap in consciousness. The tapping into pure Love where we allow Truth to have its way with us.
To this extent I feel that both Princess Diana and Mother Teresa played out the Eternal roles of the "madonna" as they expressed the non-sexual role of femaleness as it relates to principle. This femaleness expresses "receptivity." None of this has anything to do with religion or politics but it has everything to do with Truth... Infinity... God... and Beingness.
As bad as things seem to gave gotten, in the midst of the madness, mankind stops a moment and sheds a tear out of respect for something which they didn't even know they knew. There is a path and apparently there are more on it than seemed on the surface. It is very encouraging. If this was all Princess Diana accomplished, it was a mighty important task. This alone greater than anything else she could have humanly done. And yet it was within her this potential which made it possible. In a way what resulted was a sort of initializing of consciousness as the beginning of the New Age opened Her doors.


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