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Monday ~ January 27, 2014

Images In My Soul

I picked up a stick and began writing in the sand,
I could tell it wasn't my handwriting and I didn't understand.
The words were all garbled and the feeling was all wrong,
The words were just like lyrics but I couldn't hear the song.

I had heard of automatic writing but it was something new for me,
It was like writing in the dark until I began to see.
There were images in the distance and sounds all around,
There were ghost-like people standing as I wrote all of this down.

I could see a great big circle and what looked just like our moon,
There was a box-like object growing in size and it felt like impending doom.
I jumped to my feet and began to yell out words I didn't know,
A native standing not far away began to leave real slow.

The sky then turned to amber, and the sun no longer shined,
The world was covered by heat waves and the man in the moon was blind.
Women and children were crying but it faded as it had begun.
The wind kicked up and cleared the air and then appeared the sun.

All this happened so very fast in the twinkling of an eye,
I wanted to get up and walk away but I knew I shouldn't try.
My hand began to write the words that were written in my mind,
I felt as if I were floating and I knew this was a sign.

"Not of this earth, not of this time", kept ringing in my head,
The ancients were talking from the Anasazi Book of the Dead,
It wasn't of things that were coming nor was it from the past,
The words I heard being spoken were the sacred ones at last.

"Rise up tall into your Soul and accept your Destiny,
These days have been predicted for all of Eternity.
Awaken from your silent sleep and speak the word out loud,
Extend your hand across the land, stand tall, and wise, and proud.

~ Derek Lamar

There are times when the sun rises you can still see the moon. ~ DL

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