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Since You Asked...
(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)

May 2007

by Richard Kula

(This is going to be one of those Q&A columns of a metaphysical/new thought theme that relate to “mind, body & spirit”. We took questions from some friends just to start out but you can email yours to info@qm21.com .


Q. How does one deal with death? (Donna, Bakersfield)

A. In human terms death can be a terrifying thing, but in metaphysical terms, understanding reality in back of time, space and change, death is simply an illusion. The reality about life itself is that life is eternal. Death can be interpreted as “finality” or “change”.  But with “change” it is always the “finality” of one situation and the beginning of another. Whether it is interpreting a dream or understanding the reality of life, we need to understand symbolic meanings. Life is basically a dream anyway and we are all working, on some level, to wake up. In reincarnation terms, we seem to have one life after another, but in reality our life never stops. Just as we change our clothes everyday, we reach a point in changing our personas. We do this because the collective unconscious is rooted in the illusion of duality and our perception is constantly divided and separated and we lose the ability to perceive the continuity in our awareness. But the continuity is always there even though we do not perceive it as such. Losing those we love is the sad part that we must deal with within ourselves as it pertains to our own sense of “loss” and “holding on”. But in Reality we never lose anything and we simply must come to terms with this, through understanding and not fear.

Q. I would like to pick a career for myself but how does one decide? (J.P., Tehachapi)

A. Even in metaphysical interpretations one must learn to do what is practical. Often what is practical actually is the necessary thing you need to focus on in the unfoldment of your life. Life is not about careers. Life is about learning and growth. The career part has a lot to do with “ego” at times, but that isn’t a bad thing. Ego gets a bad rap but like everything else, it has its positive and negative outpicturing. A career is not necessarily the same thing as one’s “destiny” but it could be the same thing. The important thing is to examine what it is you think you want to do and separate the myth from the reality. A lot of careers seem like they have a lot of bling but end up being chores and seldom actually live up to their reputations.

Q. Why are guys such morons? (Blue Moon, Bakersfield)

A. I am at a loss for words. Seriously, everyone can have their bad days but also all people are different. If what you are actually asking is “why do you attract guys that don’t work out?” then you have to look at the “attraction” part. We get back what we put out and thus the types of relationships we have often begin to reveal a pattern in our lives which discloses something about ourselves that we might need to deal with. If the guys are too immature you might want to look at why you feel the need to “mother” your little boy or why you need to feel disappointed. You will want to begin by asking yourself when this feeling or pattern first happened in your life that you can remember. Try to follow it back as far as you can. Also, you must know that all guys are not idiots anymore than all women are harpies. Begin by not looking for a relationship to make your life better. Make your life better and see what happens.

~ Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Aloha nui loa, R.K.

See you next month with "Since You Asked" by Richard Kula

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