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(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


June 2007

by Richard Kula

(This is going to be one of those Q&A columns of a metaphysical/new thought theme that relate to “mind, body & spirit”. We took questions from some friends just to start out but you can email yours to info@qm21.com .


Q. I’ve always wanted to ask someone this question. What do UFO’s have to do with the “New Age”? (Chris, Mojave)

A. According to many researchers, UFO’s have been around since recorded history. There are the documents in Ezekiel, in the Bible, as well as references in the East Indian Vedas of the Vimanas, and other unworldly visitations. Some say these beings are angels, some say they are from other planets or other dimensions. Others say they are from the inner earth or even our ancestors currently from our own galaxy. But clearly it has more to do with our own interpretation and projected symbology that holds the key to the events themselves. We are on a threshold of spiritual awakening and we see something coming to us from above that represents “Higher Mind”. A doorway within our collective unconsciousness has opened and we are experiencing the visitation of abstract ideas that have taken a form that reaches out to us in ways that draw upon our insight and probably provoke inner changes to make the connection complete.

Q. Does what you eat really have something to do with spirituality? (Georgeanne, Bakersfield)

A. This is a difficult question and no one answer will satisfy everyone. Clearly food symbolizes more than simply calories we need to burn to change a flat tire. We can go all the way back to the Bible to the Garden of Eden to discover the “eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” It had nothing to do with “sex” or “food” yet it did have to do with the creativity of what food symbolizes. Sexuality is the creative force of the Universe and food represents “ideas” which are the ongoing sustenance of our psychic survival as living beings expressing the force of Infinity. To “eat” of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” is to, not simply “taste” (test), but to swallow (hook, line and sinker), the concept of duality. So food itself represents the manner in which we are involved within ourselves spiritually. It isn’t so much that we can eat certain foods and it will make us more spiritual, but as we become more spiritual the foods we are drawn to will express more balance and harmony with our inner and outer worlds.

Q. What exactly is “visualization”? (E.H., Bakersfield)

A. Visualization is an ancient technique that can be found in almost every religion, sect, cult or science since the beginning of sacred rites. The technique itself is a testament to the power of the mind and how powerful our thoughts are and how important it is to pursue paths that focus on the changing of consciousness. In a quick easy phrase, visualization is the understanding that “believing brings it about”. Easier said than done and yet we all do it everyday of our lives and we rarely know it. The truth is, all of our thoughts and feelings are creative commands that are bringing everything we experience into our lives. This means that what you are experiencing which you do not like can be changed as well. Another way of saying it… what you can repeatedly and consistently visualize within your mind and within your heart of hearts will have the power of attraction by way of the intensity of the energy that it represents. An old Chinese proverb: “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.”

~ Please send in those questions. Mahalo and aloha nui loa, R.K.

See you next month with "Since You Asked" by Richard Kula

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