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(from the Bakersfield newspaper Wellness Times)


June 2007

by Richard Kula

(This is going to be one of those Q&A columns of a metaphysical/new thought theme that relate to “mind, body & spirit”. We took questions from some friends just to start out but you can email yours to info@qm21.com .


Q. Is Love really a force or just a feeling one has? (Jeffrey Camden, Tehachapi)

A. Love is a feeling but also it is the most basic sense which most people discover and experience and it is directly connected to their Higher Self and the “force” which one calls God, Spirit, Mind, Consciousness, etc. The feeling is one that is good because it reveals the true nature of our self. It directly expresses the Oneness that is true reality in back of time, space and change. This Oneness is the nature we seek to discover in the midst of any turmoil because it is what leads us to achieving balance and harmony. When we love someone or something, we feel it is a part of us. In this sense we are, in fact, realizing the truth about the nature of reality in that moment in time. You could say that this moment, to whatever extent, is a moment of enlightenment. But this moment is the mustard seed of faith that can move mountains. Love is not blind, it merely sees through the illusion others have come to believe to be reality.

Q. Is religion a good or a bad thing for most people? (Sally, Bakersfield)

A. Religion is an organized teaching that usually evolves out of an esoteric expression that then turns into an exoteric one. When a truly inspired “Teacher” manifests an understanding of enlightenment, i.e., Moses’ “I AM THAT I AM” or Jesus’ “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”, or Buddha’s “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”, or Krisna’s “See God in all things”, a new era is created. But the “trickle down” presentation of these teachings by their followers are often well meaning humans who do not grasp the depth of the original meaning and what they relay becomes religious dogma where the insight has faded and society is left with rules or guidelines to live by. But also religion saves a teaching until those who are ready can understand it. The negative side to religion is no worse than the negative side to everyday living. But we would all do well to pursue the deeper meaning within ourselves.

Q. Does a person ever really change or is it just pretending? (Shauna, Bakersfield)

A. It seems that change is impossible sometimes. But so few understand that change must come from within. We must change our thinking and then the world, which is “our world”, “our consciousness”, will express itself as our thinking is then being expressed. Willpower has its place in life. Just as does the ego and the conscious mind play a role in the final outcome of our development. We must get to the door through which we pass and complete that change in consciousness that alters circumstances in our life. Often that requires willpower and a stubbornness of desire to have things be different. But too often the change is misunderstood. It is in the changing of our consciousness that will bring us our true desires and this takes serious dedication. When the pain of staying the same is more than the pain of change then one can change. Like with Libra it all hangs in the balance of the scales and ultimately in the letting go.

~ Please send in those questions. Mahalo and aloha nui loa, R.K.

See you next month with "Since You Asked" by Richard Kula

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