"The Spatch Test"
by Dr. Derek Lamar


"The Spatch Test"

Symbolic Portrait Addressing
The Cranial History

This is the study of the biological and genetic outpicturing of the male/female state of consciousness as manifested by the right brain/left brain elements of one's current state of awareness.


The right brain/left brain studies have been popularized over the last three decades and have overshadowed the previous work done on androgyny and the male/female principle as it relates to our physical expression of ourselves. Our male and female genders express the collective state of consciousness which we are connected to at this point in time of our spiritual development. Because of our consciousness of duality we are operating within the framework of a divided mind. Ultimately this is illusion, but still, because we "get back what we put out" (the operating principle of the Cosmos), we outpicture our consciousness as it represents itself to us. In this case, we are divided in "our world" as male or female. But because illusion is not the truth, and in Reality Truth is the standard in back of all that we see, we find that even in the midst of what we might interpret as a lie, we will find a shadow of the truth peering through the gauze of our filtering system. This is because in Reality it is Truth which is operating but we do not allow ourselves to see it. This being the case, despite the fact that we are divided as males and females, we will still find that each of us is both male and female but with certain characteristics outweighing the others because of our psychic and spiritual imbalance. The reason this displays itself this way is because even within the illusion, an absolute cannot appear representing illusion or error. In other words, what is false may appear in a relative sense, but only Truth may appear in an absolute sense. An example of this is the appearance of sexuality divided, but not absolutely. Rather the male/female truth can be found to varying degrees within each sex. Imagine the yin/yang symbol representing the male/female principle and imagine a version of it in an imbalanced state wherein the one side is less while the other side is more. Even in the imbalance you will find that one compensates the other in perfect mathematical harmony maintaining the whole of the expression. So it is in our human manifestation. If you think about it, despite our western humor making jokes about "viva la difference", there is very little difference between males and females. The mind, of course, goes directly to the genitals, but when examined biologically, there is little difference, and in not so much rare cases, but neither common, there are instances where infants have been listed as male or female when later it was determined it was an error in judgment. [This section is in ongoing progress]

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