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Thane of Hawaii: 105 Years
1909 ~ 2014
by Dr. Derek Lamar
(student of Thane enrolled in his Private Fourth Way School
in Santa Monica, CA from 1971 to 1978)

Civilizations come and go but ideas remain forever floating within that etheric realm of Mind. We can always reach into it and pull down whatever idea we choose to draw upon. But also because civilizations do come and go along with cycles of development, our needs will go in cycles as well and change as our world changes. But the truth remains that those ideas are always there. This also explains why at certain times in history certain individuals come along who have reached into the abstract of consciousciousness and brought forth ideas which represent the eternal truths of the Infinite that Truth Seekers long to discover. This explains the phenomenon of Teachers who appear with spiritual ideas whose time has come to understand and utilize for the expansion of consciousness and the betterment of civilization (the unfoldment of Mind).

Thane of Hawaii was born July 15, 1909 and grew up in Nodaway County, Missouri, as he used to say: "...I was born between Possum Walk and Toad Holler." (this was back when people were born and lived in rural areas outside of towns in areas not actually in a city, per se, but which were geographically located on land simpy within a county.)

According to tradition, the nickname of "Possum Walk" (also known as Lamar Station) originated from an anecdotal story of one of the early settlers who imbibed, too often, the "corn juice" at Hallsa's Ferry (1.5 miles south of there), resulting in his walk resembling that of an oppossum. An old saying that resulted from this incident and repeated by locals involving some rural schools in that area: "(The) Monkey Run up Toad Holler to see Possum Walk at Sunrise."

Thane was born Donald Wayne Walker, the son of William Walker, Jr. and Elfie Walker. Wm was born in Indiana in 1885 and Elfie was born in Iowa in 1888. Thane's father, William Walker, Jr. was a farmer on his own land and his mother was a housewife. "Donny", as Thane's mother always called him rarely used his first name after he left home, but rather went by the name of Wayne Walker. He then became Rev. Wayne Walker in the 1930's. By 1935 Thane was changing his name to Eloi-Sun. In one of the flyers put out by Thane and his staff it read as follows:

"Wayne Walker is a widely known teacher of Metaphysics and Occult Science. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries. His early training has fitted him to be a leader in the Order of Melchizedek, attaining the unusual office of priesthood at a very early age. He has the distinction of being one of seven priests in this mystic order and was elevated to the office of Prince Iole Eloi Sun, Kulkuthma Ray a few months ago. Much of the teaching he gives has never before been given outside of the retreats; he stands as a great figure-head of the New Age. He is the founder of THE VOICE OF HEALING in Huntington Park, California, and is the physical head of the Outer Lodge, Order of Melchizedek, with headquarters in the Executive Residence, 729 South Windsor Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.

Later in the 1940's Thane, then known as Eloi-Sun aka Rev. Wayne Walker would change his name to Kenneth Walker and would head up an entertainment extravaganza while a U.S. Marine in World War II with his production called The Chinese Follies and he would entertain the troops.

In the 1950's this Kenneth Walker would change his name again to Thane Walker, then Thane and finally to Thane of Hawaii. His change of identities seemed to reflect his Teaching when he would proclaim: "Of the many roles I play in life what I am is consciousness which is not of the many roles I play."

More to continue.... "In Search of Clarity..." and "A New Thought Teacher".


Thane would have been 100 years old on July 15, 2009. So a hundred years it is. Many students believed that he was older. They had to believe that because it is part of the mystery of the "Teacher". Also, there was so much speculation about Gurdjieff and how old he was and when was he born and where was he born, etc., etc. All of the mystery which surrounds a Teacher often creates a deeper interest but also it creates too much of a buffer and causes too many people to look in the wrong directions rather than simply looking within. This has always been the case with Truth students and the development of the study of the mysteries. This is what happened with Jesus (aka Yeshua) when people began to worship the image of the man rather than understand the wonders of the realities of God. Then it was turned into a religion and people separated themselves from the Teacher and the Teaching and became what they thought was humble but in effect what took place was the denial of what it was that "The Teacher" taught.

An interesting newspaper article about Thane recalls a series of lectures when he was called "Eloi-Sun". More of the mystery follows.

(Nevada State Journal March 31, 1939)

Hitler Methods Told At Lions Luncheon

Analyzing tactics used by Hitler in his expansion program, Eloi-Sun Thursday addressed a meeting of the Reno Lions club on the subject, “The Re-Creation of Europe.”

The speaker said that the German leader has been using a new weapon in warfare, fear. Minimizing the influence of fascistic groups in the United States, he warned against a general breakdown in the morale of the country which could lead to a dictatorship. - End.

and from Editorially Speaking:
(Nevada State Journal, Friday, March 31, 1939)
The New Frontier

"Even The Youth of Nevada Turn to Dictator?

The United States has nothing to fear from Hitler in the way of actual armed invasion, said Eloi-Sun, world traveler now in Reno for a series of lectures. Nor do the various Nazi Bunds provide a definite threat.

But a far more subtle and dangerous "invasion" is under way and, because it is so abstract, so difficult to see, is doing great damage and may do more unless it is successfully spiked.

It is the dissemination among America's youth of the theory that the fascist plan of government is far efficient and sound than the democratic form.

The lecturer said he had interviewed numerous University of Nevada students, and claimed that five of them admitted they believed a government ruled by one strong man, who dominated the entire set-up was far more practical than the "bungling" of America's loosely-knit system of representatives and senators.

The spread of this belief will eventually lead to fascism or nazism not necessarily under the domination of Hitler or Mussolini but nevertheless a totalitarian form of government that will kill the liberties we are so proud of.

Encouraging the trend is the propaganda that there is no unemployment in dictator countries. American boys nearing graduation from schools and colleges are beginning to fear the uncertainty of the future--- will they get a job? If a democracy fails to provide security, then why not try a dictatorship, they reason?

Consequently the solution which must be reached by American businessmen and officials is providing adequate jobs, and also combatting the subversive propaganda of totalitarian powers by distributing intelligent explanations of democracy, by pointing out its advantages and privileges.

America's new frontier is mental. As Hitler is conquering Europe by psychology instead of arms, so must America prepare to defend herself by psychology instead of guns and airplanes and ships. end.

(then about two years later.... 10 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor)...

(From the Prescott Evening Courier, Jan. 24, 1941)

While blasts of Nazi bombs continue to rock the British Isles, there are increasing signs of friction in the orient – between an ambiguous Japan and occidental powers – Britain and the United States --- seeking to preserve the “open door” in east Asia.

But even as they scanned this daily bumper crop of war news, Prescott residents also were preparing to give heed to a message they hope will aid materially in keeping the United States out of war – or of winning the war if this nation is suddenly plunged into the cataclysm.

Scheduled for tonight at 8 o’clock at the Hassayamps Hotel Banquet Hall is a lecture on perhaps one of the timeliest subjects ever broached in Prescott, “Hitler’s Secret Weapon” by Eloi-Sun of Honolulu, Hawaii. An admission of 55 cents including Federal Tax will be charged.

Scholarly, traveled, and known throughout the world as an eminent psychologist and philosopher, Eloi-Sun invaded the forbidden realm of Hitler’s estate in the Bavarian Alps to learn the amazing secret of Nazi conquests from the German Feuhrer himself There, in three interviews conducted in the utmost secrecy, Hitler gave Eloi-Sun one of the most startling revelations in world history.

For once, Hitler broke the silence that has kept the world guessing and poured forth to the psychologist he admired, every detail of the formula for sheer power that transformed him from an obscure paperhanger to a near-master of the world’s fate.

Eloi-Sun listened closely as the Nazi dictator told him he would crush Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France --- not through military might alone, but by shrewd application of this secret and jealously guarded weapon he had discovered. And Hitler, gloating, told how he would use this very weapon to bring Germany’s traditional enemy, Great Britain, to her knees and complete his domination of all Europe.

“But Hitler has no intention of stopping at England,” the lecturer warns. “Already his incredible weapon is being brought to bear against the United States in such an insidious manner that only the very few who understand its workings can see any effect or realize the terrifying effect it is already producing on the future of democracy in this country.

“Despite all her present preparations for possible war-new airplanes, tanks, guns, battleships and peacetime conscription --- America is wide open to this new threat until she full recognizes it and takes far-reaching measures to combat it.”

Eloi-Sun, further says he will reveal not only the innermost workings of the weapon itself, but also a definite plan of defense and counter-offense against it in his lecture here.

Dean of education and philosophy for Ramparts of Democracy, expanding democratic education movement, the brilliant Honolulu educator currently is on a nationwide lecture tour under national sponsorship of that organization. - End.

more to come....

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